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Mirena Coil Fitted 2 months ago - haven't stopped bleeding :(

Well I stopped bleeding for all of 2 days, had sex with my partner and it came back with a vengeance.

I just want to know when it will stop, if it will stop. Everyday is either red period blood or black old dark blood, I don't understand how there's anything left in there. The pain isn't as bad as a period however sometimes it does hurt.

I haven't had my coil checked either as the nurse fitting it said they don't check them now after 6 weeks, however I keep seeing people on here have had theirs checked.

I really want to keep going with the coil but not sure how much more bleeding i can take, I'm sure its leaving me exhausted.

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I would get it out mate.

For me i would not touch it.

It is one hormone only,so in some people,that can cause an imbalance.

To my mind,i would rather take a pill i can stop or change,not this or the needle mate.

It so affects your life you become obsessed with checking for blood all the time.

Kind regards



Ok so when i was 34,i got talked into that progesterone only needle,the one that lasts two years.

It was the latest buzz then,like the mirena is now.

I bled for 8 months,every day,that black blood you are talking about.

I was so depressed and upset i thought it would last for 2 years.

In desperation,i went to a gyny and asked him to stop the bleeding,as i was at the end of my rope.

He advised he wld have to do a curette to stop it.

I was scared and kicking myself that i was stupid enough to mess with my perfect cycle and now needed surgery.

Thank god he was able to stop it,but now,being faced with the option of the mirena at my age,42,my answer was no way.

Im not going through that again hey.

I wasnt sure whether to tell you,but maybe it might help you decide whichever way you want to go

Kind regards



Hey, thanks for replying. I had to Google what a curette was, it sounds rather painful?

I've just come off the pill, I was on it for 13 years, the bleeds I was getting with it were unbearable. Even when I was taking pills back to back I would still get a bleed and I was missing a lot of work due to it and couldn't go on.

Is the black blood old blood? I read that somewhere. I don't understand how anything can be old in there as it constantly bleeds, sorry for tmi.


I have a mirena it isn't for everyone where my body took it well my sisters however didn't. She bled for a few weeks and it was painful. Maybe try another method ? I would advise getting it check sometimes the doctors may give you another pill which tries to stop the bleeding then once it calms down you come off them. However I was advised it's a few months for your body to adapt to the coil. Sorry might not be the answer you wanted to hear


Hey, I think it's the answer I know really. I'm just fed up of the bleeding and even though it's something so silly and trivial I'm sick of having greasy hair and I feel like a teenager with all the spots I'm gettting.



Its not for you,id say.

I think its time for a curette mate,it will right that heavy bleeding.

Its a day procedure,not hard at all

Kind regards



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