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Post -lap. Hysterectomy?

Hi ladies

Just after some advice from those who may be in the same position. I was diagnosed with severe endo (both ovaries tethered to underside of womb, POD full of adhesions, large chocolate cyst on ovary) after a routine lap. Was told nothing is wrong for years.... anyway I had everything excised and drained. It went a bit wrong and ended up back in surgery after 24hrs due to huge internal bleeding .

I've had 3 zoladex injections before I see my consultant in 2 weeks time for a follow up. I haven't seen anyone yet to discuss the operation apart from the nurse for the injections! She mentioned I was on the waiting list for a hysterectomy and this is what I was told immediately after my first surgery. My point is.. why am I having zoladex? No one can tell me as I've not had a follow up? I've got 2 children and don't want anymore. I nearly lost the last one due to severe bleeding the entire pregnancy. Am lucky to have them. I'm 29 also. Happy to have the hyst but have no idea what to expect from the follow up.

Sorry the waffle! Have complete brain fog ..


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That drug i wld think is given to shrink any remaining deposits of endo that might be present.

Firstly i would ask why the drug if they got what they could see?

Secondly,you mentioned hysto mate,sometimes that drug is given to induce menopause to see how you handle it.

So my next question to them when you go in is are they leaving your ovaries if possible?

Im thinking you should be asking why,as i myself wouldnt take something i am unsure of,or has not been explained to me,so that i can make an informed choice.

It would urge you to find out if they can keep your ovaries,as you are quite young to do without those hormones.

Im assuming there is some damage to the uterus for them to suggest hysto?

If you are unsure why it is being performed,i would be asking the questions at the consult too.

You have been through a lot already,please update us as to your consult and progress.

Kind regards



Thanks for replying

I wasn't given much choice nor did anyone explain the side effects of the zoladex as I was given it when I woke up from the second surgery and full of morphine. No one can tell me why they just say wait til your appointment in June. I'm okay with the menopause it has induced. Aside from joint pain, the relief from the awful pain is amazing. My hospital has admitted negligence on their part. They made a mistake with the excising of adhesions.

I was just wondering why the immediate need for a hysterectomy. It's all just a big shock as I was starting to think it was all in my head. I've been so poorly following the op and feeling quite low. It's so tiring I just want an end


Hi, a hysterectomy isn't a cure for endometreosis and at you age I would presume they will leave your overies in, estrogen feeds endo and your overies produce the estrogen, but with out it it can cause issues later in life with bones density, did they mention adenomyosis or a misshaped large womb???

I've had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis and excision of endo. I'm unfortunately still in pain and am now awaiting a laparoscopy within a bsge centre, to check if any was missed,

Are you under a bsge specialist centre?????, If not that should be your next step, a thorough excision job in a bsge centre is considered gold standard treatment for endometreosis not a hysterectomy, xxx

Good luck and ask any questions you want,???

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No I'm not under a centre. No one has mentioned that. I've already had the excision surgery at the time of the lap. No other mention of any other problems. I've not had any follow up since March. Just odd how I've been left with no information.


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