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Finally having a hysterectomy


Hi i have been suffering with endometriosis for the past 16 years, i first had a laparoscopywhen i was 25 they had to change to open surgery as everything was stuck together, they draind the chocolate cysts and whem i came around told me i had endo and that they couldnt do a hysterectomy as to the extent of the adhesions and left it at that i started on zoladex injections then went home to recover, after a year on the injections my periods returned then the pain began all over again and it was like that for the next 7years trips to the doctors and scans, then the cysts returned so i had them drained again with full surgery so scar no 2 then the same routine as the last zoladex injections but this time something was different i went for a bone scan and found due to the zoladex injections and not receiving hrt i had osteoporosis, then in 2010 i had more pain then more cysts, this time i refused surgery so they draind them by inserting a needle though my abdomen which only took 1hr and i could go home the same day and no more scars and we are here again today sunday 25th sept 16 and i am waiting to go in for a hysterectomy only 16 years later than when they first tried but now i have a different doctor i guess im scared of what the out come will be if he can cant do it or am i going to be like this for ever suffering i can hardly walk the pain is unbearable some days my husband has been fantastic throughout everything and even my son has had to help me some days, my mam fusses alot and when my son was little she was a life saver and i couldnt thank her enough i guess what im trying to say is that im scared im never going to get better and dont know what will happen if they cant do the hysterectomy sorry for the life story but its good to tell people who understand what im feeling much love xxx

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Good Luck for Today xxo

May God bless you

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Your Most Welcome, I have Stage 3 Endos, so I no how painful it can get. Let us know you today goes. Xx


I've had Endo since 1991. I've had about 8 surgeries and almost all medical treatments. !

In November 2014 I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy, right ovary removal and extensive excision of Endo. The hysterectomy was recommended as I also had a fibroid and adenomyosis.

The surgery really has given me my life back. My pain has been reduced by 90% and I am no longer having to deal with the torrential bleeding.

I hope your surgery gets performed and goes well. Please take things easy after the operation and take regular pain relief.

Best wishes,


Thankyou, im hoping anything will be better than what im going through right now and im glad your feeling better take care.


I am also 36 and thinking I will push for hysterectomy as was lucky to have my kids already and fed up of pain. Are you going on HRT afterwards? Good luck for op.

Good luck! I had a hysterectomy 12 weeks ago at 34 yrs old. I had my first lap at 16 and the hysterectomy was my tenth gyne surgery. I was extremely blessed to have a son but suffered with Endo, adhesions, infections and adenomyosis my whole adult life. I can honestly say the surgery was the best decision I made. I didn't realise how much pain and misery I coped with day to day until it went away. I am still recovering and experience the symptoms from surgery but my quality of life has improved dramatically. I really hope that you get the same relief that I have had and can go on to enjoy a pain free future. Sending lots of luck and get well wishes xxx

How did it go? Did you have the surgery? God luck and hope you are ok xxx

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Not had surgery yet had pre op on friday so fingers crossed it will be soon x

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Hope you have it done soon xxx

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