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Pre op recovery

Hi everyone, I had my surgery on Tuesday a hysterectomy, I am happy to say they have managed to remove all of the endo and I feel so much better. First time in a long I woke up pain free, the only thing I can complain about is I'm a bit constipated and extremely tired, but onwards and upwards, well time for another nap and a cocktail of painkillers and laxatives.

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Hi Hun glad it went ok. Try warm prune juice, a teaspoon of olive oil swallowed a day and camomile and spearmint tea for the constipation. Did you have ovaries remove too.

If you have any questions regarding hysterectomy recovery just let me know. Had mine beginning of March. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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Hi there,

Im in australia,but just wanted to say how well you are doing.

I would try pear juice or the prune juice as suggested on here for constipation.

I would love to get updates as you progress, im contemplating this down the track.

Depending on how many laps i can handle lol.


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Glad to hear all went well. I am waiting for my op to get a hysterectomy, can't wait to be pain free, or at least have reduced pain. I am setting the bar low...

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Feeling fantastic after my op now, only downside is the constipation, I was given some seriously strong laxatives ( as in holding your butt running to the toilet screaming for the mother of god noooo) I now have piles so sitting is near impossible unless I use my sons swimming aid ring, hopefully when I get some cream it will reduce the grape like lumps, but considering the pain I have put up with since I was 15 this is bliss. Please if any ladies are considering this type of surgery make sure you have a strong support network, plenty of sanitary towels, laxatives, rubber ring, piles cream and a bloody good sense of humour don't forget to rest eat little but often and keep your fluids up, on a lighter side when I was coming around from my surgery I thought I could fly, and trust me a half drugged lady with her Arse on display flapping my arms like a god dam lunatic dragging a drip behind me is not a good look. Take it easy ladies.


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