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Post op recovery


Hi guys, new to this site but finding it really helpful so thought that someone might be able to help!

I had a laparoscopy on Monday just gone (14th Nov) and the Dr found a small amount of endometriosis which he treated while in there .

I've been put on a concoction of pain killers however I seem to be in a heck of a lot of pain, especially when I stand up, and the pain killers don't really seem to be doing an awful lot. I've never had any kind of surgery before so I have no idea what sort of pain is normal so I was hoping someone might be able to share their experience?

I'm also struggling to sleep although I'm extremely tired on and off, waking up with hot sweats etc but expect this is due to the general anaesthetic and painkillers so a neccessary evil! Lol

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It took me a few weeks to be up and about properly after my lap think just the general anaesthetic also makes you feel rubbish for a few days. I drank loads of water and ate lots of fruit and veg get everything moving and just slowly slowly do little bits just be really kind to yourself it really does take a while to get better. Even though the scars look small and heal pretty quick inside takes a while after being poked around and inflated I suppose. As you can tell I'm not a dr :) :)

Where was the endo cut away from? that also might give you an idea of what and why the pain you have and healing times? Also do your scars look ok and do you have a temperature or anything ?

The scars seem to of healed ok when i changed the dressing yesterday (to stop clothes rubbing on then although nurse said they could be taken off after 48hours) if I remember correctly then Ebro was removed from the left ovary area (I think anyway they told me just after I came round!)

Thanks for the reply. I've got a call scheduled with my GP this morning to see if they can switch the painkillers at all as feels silly taking so many tablets when they don't really seem to be doing much!

Again thanks for the advice :) x

Give yourself time and a lot of rest. I had my lap last Wednesday was in agonising pain (i think mostly from the Mirena coil) for 48 hours, i also went into urine retention and had a catheter for a few days. But I have been gradually feeling better with less pain and discomfort each day. I think i will still be taking it easy for another week or so, but it is def getting easier. Just look out for signs of infection, as I had a wound infection following a previous Lap and that needs to be seen by a doc ASAP to get antibiotics. It does take time depending how much they did inside and it is not reflected in those small cuts on your tummy. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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I didn't have a coil fitted so no pain from that thankfully! Think i underestimated how uncomfortable it was going to be post op :( hopefully it will start to settle down in the next day or two!

Best wishes for recovery as well!

Give yourself time. I had mine 9 weeks ago. The first three weeks were the worst. Pain gradually subsides, but I still feel really tired, and still get slight pain. Stick with it, and rest up, things should settle down.

Thanks for the reply. How long did it take you to get back to work (if you do)?

I was off work for 8 weeks, this is my second week back. First week I did mornings only, as I had no energy, so wanted to try and break myself in gradually (phased return). This week I am trying to do a full week, but don't know if I will make it, as my energy levels are really low, and it is getting harder to get out of bed in a morning. Bits of pain if I try and do too much, but it is manageable.

Oh wow. Do you have a physical job or has it just taken longer to recovery then expected? Sorry for all the questions, I just have no idea what to expect really as ive never had any kind of surgery before!

Not a problem, it is good to talk to others going through the same thing. No, it has just taken longer than expected. At first they thought I had an infection, as at three weeks I started to feel great, but then went down hill. My GP says that they used to keep you in hospital for about 6 weeks before they let you out, but these days you are left to get on with it. Like you I didn't know what to expect. I think a lot of the pain and discomfort is partly due to the anaesthetic, but also due to the nature of the procedure, as you are blown up with gas so that the surgeon can get to the areas he needs, but then it depends on how much endometriosis they have had to remove, as each site needs to heal. The hospital signed me off for 4 weeks at the beginning, so I thought that would be it. Make sure you rest and take things easy, but keep moving, and eat well.

Thanks, they've signed me off for 2 weeks initially so will see how things go!

I was surprised how quickly they let me out after I came round, I went down to theatre at about 4pm for the op and left hospital to go home before 7pm, but I also understand now they simply don't have the resources to keep people in 'just in case'.

Best wishes for the rest of your recovery, hope you get back to normal soon.

Don't rush back, if you are not right, go see your GP and get signed off again. Thank you. You too.xx

I was in a lot of pain the first couple of weeks but felt like I was literally dying two days after surgery even with all the painkillers. I woke during the night and could only groan. Couldn't even move. The root of all evil discovered was the trapped wind which felt like muscle ache up to my neck. I would highly recommend buying some peppermint oil capsules which were balls of magic. Honestly can't recommend them enough. Places like boots or Holland and Barrera will sell them. Hope this helps x

Glad you're feeling better, but not gonna lie nice to know I'm not the only one that felt/feels horrific! Lol. Thanks for the tip! I'll send the hubby out tomorrow to pick some up :D

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