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Pre op

I am having my pre op on Monday the 19th October and my operation is Friday the 30th October what happens at pre op the whole thing is becoming a bit scary now x

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Hiya, your pre-op is to just check that you're okay and healthy to have your operation. They will check your height and weight, take a urine sample to check and possibly bloods. They will probably also ask you questions about health history and family health history and they will also go through the procedure with you. It's nothing to worry about and you won't be there for long :)

Try not to worry, I was panicking when I had mine a couple of weeks ago and it was fine, they make you feel really comfortable and any questions you may have you will have the opportunity to ask.

Hope all goes well for you! Here to talk if you need to :)


Have you had your op I am scared about it if so any advice or tips would be great x


Yes I had mine on the 2nd October and diagnosed with endometriosis which they treated at the same time. I was terrified as it was my first op and worried about anaesthetic but the nurses were so reassuring and answered all my questions and put my mind at rest.

It's understandable to be scared I think it's only natural.

All I'd say is just try and relax as best you can, don't overthink what the outcome will be, it's normal to be nervous but you won't feel a thing, you'll be quite sore when you wake up but you will already have been given pain relief medication to help with that and all being well you should be out the same day.

If you have any worries on the day just speak to one of the nurses they will answer any questions you're concerned about.

Hope this helps! Xxx


Aww thank you I just want it over and done with and back home xx


Hello, I had my pre op assessment today, I have laparoscopy in 2 weeks.

The assessment was quite long winded but nothing to worry about. First I saw a health care assistant who measured my weight and height, then she did my blood pressure and an ECG. I then had to do swabs for MRSA.

I then went back to waiting room to wait and see a Nurse. The Nurse asked me about my previous medical history, any operations I have had, any medication I am on and any allergies I have. I had bloods taken and I signed a form confirming there will be an responsible adult to look after me for 24 hrs after surgery and that I wouldn't drive, operate machinery or sign any legal forms.

I was there for a good couple of hours. The Nurse asked me to write down any more questions I might have for consultant or anaesthetist and bring them on the day. She said I can always phone up pre op if I think of anything else.

They were very friendly and helpful. I am allergic to many things including penicillin, nuts and bananas so pre op helps them to avoid any medication or substances than I might react to.

It is a worrying time, I keep reading others laproscopy stories on here which does help.

Hope it all goes well for you


Aww thank you I am terrified about the op xx


Me too, mine is on 29th so just before you. I am trying not to think about it too much.

On scans they found 2 cysts on ovaries one is an endometrioma, one ovary is stuck to my uterus, also there is a strange thickening in my uterus that they would like to look at so I am having a hysteroscopy at the same time, plus a dye test in my tubes.

I have had endometriosis symptoms since I was about 13, I am now 36. I did manage it with mirena coil for a few years but have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for the last 3 years. Luckily I do already have 2 children so I will have to try and stop being greedy!

The thing that was really bothering me is that I was having light bleeding between periods, I saw gynaecologist on 1st October, pre op today and laparoscopy on the 29th, it's all quite quick. I begged them to do under a local anaesthetic as I am terrified on a general but they said no. Since reading all of the stories on here I do feel a little less anxious.


Aww how was the pre op? Mine is Monday dunno what they are going to find when they do mine as I have never had a laparoscopy I am having everything out including overies and tubes xx


Hi, hope your pre op assessment goes well and you feel a bit more relaxed about things,



Aww thanks Hun the pre op was fine just want the op over and done with now I am scared xx


It is a bit scary, are you planning on having a pre med before general anaesthetic? I am not sure, it's the anaesthetic that is worrying me rather than the actual op or recovery. Mine is the 29th so very soon now. I have tried to plan things to make life easier, I have cooked a few of my favourite meals and frozen them ready for afterwards, my husband has booked a few days off to look after children and make me cups of tea.

I am planning on watching TV shows that I never have time for.



Yeah mine is 30th I don't have children to sort I just want to be back home xx


Hi ladies

Mine in friday and i an terrified of the whole thing.

When my pain cones im in agony but its strange after a few wks it goes again but then comes back its been happening for years now so i no i need to rule stuff out i am just petrified.

Iv never been put to sleep so im really worried and scared for that. Im scared how il feel when i wake, if i wake! 🙈

And im really scared if the pain and recovery.

I honestly dont know how im gunna get thru it.

Its such a scary time. Im also really scared theyl find nothing as my mum thinks its all in my head and in making a massive deal of it



Is yours this Friday Hun the 23rd xx


Ye i dont no how il bring myself to do it xxx


OMG good luck how are you having it done x


I honestly dont know im really scared xxx


Aww good luck let me know how it's goes xx


Dear Down,

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I am having my first lap next week and I am scared too but don't worry too much about the pain after, if you are used to having frequent pain I am sure you will cope. Take regular doses of painkillers to try and keep it at bay.

I have had horrendous period and mid cycle pains since I was 13, I am now 36. For women that don't experience period pain it is very difficult for them to understand.

Over the years I have had to explain to many people that I can't join in certain activities either because of the pain or because of heavy bleeding.

Even if nothing is found during your op it does not mean the pain you feel is not real.

Discuss your results with the specialist after, whether something is found or not you will need a treatment strategy.

I have spent many a time taking painkillers and using a hot water bottle and tens machine a the same time, you are not alone in this. Maybe you can get your Mum to read some of the threads on here to help her understand. Maybe really your Mum is as worried about this as you are and is hoping for you that nothing is wrong.



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