No pre op?

I had a chat with my surgen yesterday, my laparoscopy is on 24th October, not long now. And I don’t have a pre op. I’m a priviate patient [edited to comply with our code of conduct] and she said they don’t do pre ops for that type of procedure. She didn’t seem concerned and just said see you next week!

I have filled in a huge questionnaire though regarding health and history but as I don’t have any worrying health issues I guess it just means it’s fine.

Anyone else not have a pre op either when going private.

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  • I would ring them up and check - it's not usual for no pre op as it makes sure you are fit for the op and that you don't have MRSA. Xxxx

  • Mine was also private.

  • I think I still have to have the MRSA swabs on the day in the booklet it just mentions to bath before going to hospital. The surgeon just said they don’t do pre ops for laparoscopy. Maybe because I’ve had so many tests done already In regards to bloods etc.. who knows

  • Hmm still doesn't sound right, even if the swabbed you on the day if you have it they can't operate as there is no time to treat it first. Rather than end up with it cancelled I would check xxxxx

  • Checked and nope not having one, they must trust that I’m ok haha

  • Hey i was nhs! I filled in a questionaire during my gynae appointment, then had my pre op appointment 3 weeks before my op where i had my weight done and some bloods, and then had to go and have some bloods 2 days before my op, i never had any swabs for mrsa! X

  • I’ve had a lot of bloods done in past 2 months and vitals done might be the reason why. I filled out a questionnaire with loads of health questions. Maybe all that together and I’m 26

  • Going to feel like the longest week when you are just waiting :(

  • It will do. I know exactly how it feels hun xxx

  • Been counting down the day for 2 weeks.. I have comfort in knowing it’s next week at least! Admission at 9am, op at 10.45

  • I was counting down for 3 weeks i was lucky aswell and was 1st op at 9am! So didn’t have to wait around either. Was home for 3pm xxx

  • I think the hour and half waiting beforehand will be the worst.. we’ll its worse now just waiting and counting :( just want it done and over with

  • I had mine done on the Nhs and was never given a time i was just told I had to be there for 7:30am, when i first got there i had to sit in a waiting room where there was loads of people and i thought oh ny god i’m going to be waiting hours. then a nurse called me, went through all my notes, had to do a wee sample, put my stockings on etc then went back in the waiting room, then about 5 minutes later i was called by my consultant who told a nurse to gown me up and then i walked down to theatre, i didn’t even have time to think about it, it was great! Are they just looking for endo? Xx

  • Just rang spire spoke to the admissions team.. nope no pre op required!

  • I had 2 laps done at 2 different private hospitals. First one I had no pre-op, just filled out questionnaire and was told this will be reviewed and if pre-op required they would contact me. The second was at a spire hospital and included a pre-op. But for both I was swabbed 7 days before for MRSA.

  • I was through spire and I had a pre op a few days before my op x

  • I wasn't private but I didn't have a pre op prior to my laparoscopy. I had a general health form to fill out and it was decided I didn't need one.

    All the best with your lap- wishing you a speedy recovery xoxo

  • Sounds like me, just filled out a form and there happy with that

  • I went privately to have my lap, I did have an pre op. I had to fill in a massive questionnaire like you and then they did bloods, my blood pressure, height weight , urine dipstick test and asked me some more questions. Maybe query them about it?

    Hope the lap goes well x

  • Hi my daughters is on the 25th and she has pre op Friday. She's at a private hospital but nhs patient. Don't know how it works but I'm sure before every surgery they have got to do checks😳. Doesn't sound right.

  • I didn't have a pre op when I paid privately either! no problems encountered though and was well looked after during my stay.

  • I'm wondering the same, I've got an op in a couple of weeks and not heard anything about a pre-op. I had one last year before another op at the same place and also had transfusions when the op went wrong. So I would think they'd have to at least do bloods - it sounds really odd to me, I've had several laps and all have had pre ops :/ xx

  • They don't do the MRSA test anymore. I had surgery recently, had a pre op, but it was just a chat. I actually asked about the test and she said they don't do it for this type of op. I had the op done 4weeks after seeing the dr on the NHS.

  • My mum had her gallbladder out a few weeks back privately she had to have MRSA screening, nose, groin and mouth

  • I didn’t have my surgery private but I was also told I didn’t need a pre-op as it. Personally I didn’t feel comfortable without one as I had questions I wanted to ask and wanted to know the procedure of the day. I rang and spoke to my consultant and asked for one which I got 5 days before my lap. X

  • I’ve got my lap in 5 days I’m in just going to roll with it lol

  • As long as your comfortable! Hope all goes well XX

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