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Depo has njection to help endometriosis pain and bleeding

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I have been using the depo injection for over a year now to treat endo pain and really heavy bleeding. Every time I have had the injection the bleeding and the pain with it gets worse and worse. I was wondering what I should do about this when my next injection is due because I don’t want to be bleeding for months on end again

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Have you asked about going on the mirena coil? Maybe see if you can explore that idea. I was in the same position however since the coil, I dont bleed and my pain is rare x

Hi, thank you for your reply. I haven’t really thought about the coil no, maybe I should ask that the next time I go because the injection just isn’t working for me cx


It doesn't soud like it's working let them know and explore the alternatives, mirena didn't help me but it is fantastic for other people. Do you have endo and adenomyosis or just endo ? I have both and the mirena didn't help with my bleeding. Good luck xx

Hi, thank you for your reply. I thought it wasn’t working. Yes I do have both. I was told the coil did the same kind of thing as the injection? Or am I completely wrong with thinking that? I will inform them that it isn’t working and see what else there is that I can try. I’ve tried so many things for my bleeding but nothings really helping xx

Hi,my very limited understanding is that the Mirena acts locally in the uterus and releases hormones the jabs are more ? systemtic. I think that less is known about adenomyosis than endo. My consultant said the treatment options are the same for both ?

Your symptoms are not being well managed and your daily life must be really affected. Do you have an endo nurse specialist ? Can you phone up gynae clinic before your appoinment ? Sounds like the treatment isn't working at the moment. Really hope you get some understanding and help and support. There was an expert in Edinburgh ( she spoke on endo info day) who specialises in heavy menstrual bleeding Professor Hilary OD Critchley Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Deputy Director Centre for Reproductive Health, she spoke about if the treatments aren't working to stop the bleeding rule out all other factors. I think that there is also a NICE guideline re heavy menstrual bleeding, I find they help to take along to consultations. xxx

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