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Had my follow up appointment today after trying to conceive for 1yr with stage 4 endometriosis. My cysts have returned and I will need surgery before starting IVF. However over the last 6 months pain has got worse needing regular days off work and GP says I can't have anything else. I am currently on mefenamic acid and co-codamol (30/500) which is not helping on bad days. So I asked the consultant today and he also said there's nothing else I can have! What do other people take for pain?

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  • I'm on morphine 12 hours release tablets and tramadol, if needed,

  • Thanks, did you need to see a pain team to get stronger medication?

  • Hi I take paracetemol four hourly maximum 8 tabs daily plus ibuprofen plus stomach protector 1st thing am and tramadol for breakthrough pain. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi,princess do u take pain killer daily or only when u r on periods.I take every day waiting for hystertomy.

  • Naproxen twice a day with co codemol( but only on period) as really bad for your stomach. I avoid all inflammatory foods and live on ginger and turmeric. Super at helping to reduce inflammation. Heat packs back and front. Gentle yoga. It's really hard work but will ease the pain, not immediately I'm afraid. Best wishes to you. I've been on the floor with the pain(vomiting) but those days are far and few between xxx

  • Thanks - I use pads and tens machine for my back pain too. Might have to try some yoga.

  • I alternate between Tramadol and Co-codamol 30/500 about a week before my period and a week during. I say alternate because I found the Co-codamol just didn't really touch the pain and I couldn't function too well. I eat very little as well. Hope you find something that works soon. Trying to find something that works is so difficult.

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