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Anyone fainted when not in pain and not on painkillers or meds?



I came over really dizzy today whilst driving to work and then fainted - whilst driving! It was one of the scariest things ever! Its completely baffled the doctors at the mo as I wasn't in pain and not currently on any meds or painkillers. I could understand it a bit more if I was struggling with endo pain today as h e passed out a few times from that but I'm not in pain today, or on pain killers or still on prostap etc - anyone ever had anything similar? I've been signed off until either a zillion blood tests or a neurologist can say it was either just a faint and bad luck or determine it was something else as I can't drive again until they work it out x

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Low Blood Pressure or blood sugar can cause you to faint, so too can a virus (and there are plenty of those about this time of year). Very scary that it happened while you were driving and sat down presumably too. All my faints have happened from a standing up position - never when I've been driving thank goodness.

it may be a one off - or the symptom of something not quite right, so do have all the tests the Docs want to check you out for and see if they do point towards something - and hopefully it is quickly treatable so you can stop worrying and recover and get back to normal.

It's one of those things, could be something or nothing. The scariest aspect is that you were trying to drive - so big cyber hugs to you for getting through that experience. Must be quite a severe shock to hit you when you came round and realised what could have happened but luckily did not.

If I were you i would avoid the car for a week or so - hoping it is a viral thing and nothing worse. Give your body a rest and a chance to get over any bug, but also have the tests done to rule out anthing else that may be the cause. And next trip you do take in the car - don't go solo, try and take someone with you who can drive the car home again if you do feel like you are taken unwell again.

Another option is to pool with colleagues on the trip to work, share the costs and a car if you have anyone living near you. Hopefully it won't come to that and you'll be fit as a fiddle in no time again and happily motoring too.

Very best of Luck - and try not to dwell on it as best you can. I find writing things down in minute detail and tucking it away in a diary or a book is the best way. That way you can afterwards forget about it, knowing if you do need to remember- there is a record already noted of the incident, but you don't need to run through the slow-motion replay of events over and over in your mind. Hope that makes sense.

Sounds really scary indeed.Were you injured otherwise?Could be any of above and also may be inner ear infection(labrynthitis) which causes vertigo and nausea.It is caused by a virus but can be brought on by motion.My 1st attack was similar to yours but thankfully I managed to draw into side of a country road and didn't pass out. A friends daughter had a loss of consciousness at wheel and was tested for everything,but all was fine .Glad you being thoroughly tested and are not driving in meantime.

As impatient says ,itcould be due to simple things like mentioned,so try not to worry too much in meantime.

Sending you a big hug.

Hi. Have you had your iron levels checked? When I was anaemic I used to feel dizzy and faint. X

I have endo and have fainted twice while having it but before endo I fainted my bloods were fine iron levels okay blood pressure was fine everything was okay and I've never had tests to see why I get like it. I suffer with dizzy spells alit and have to grab the closest thing to me to hold me up xxxx

Hi everyone

Thanks for all your replies, it was very scary but I've calmed down now (2 days later!). Doctors have phoned today and said I have low folate levels resulting in anaemia from folate deficiency. I've only ever heard of anaemia from iron levels before, but it does seem to make sense and they've prescribed high dose folic acid tablets, only confusing thing is I'm taking folic acid anyway and have been for a while and eat foods rich in it but obviously not enough! After a bit of research it seems inflammation can deplete your folate levels so that's not surprising! Just waiting to hear when the doctor thinks il be ok to drive again, I'm assuming its a bit of a risk until the extra tablets increase my levels, I drive 60 miles each way to work and no public transport links so I'm at a bit of a loss not being able to drive but not willing to risk for at least this week! x

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I'm sorry to read you've been feeling poorly. X

Have the doctors also checked your levels of B12? . A defiancy in this results in a condition called Pernicious anaemia (common to have this and a folate anaemia coinciding).

After reading about Pernicious anaemia, I asked my go to do a blood test. I am waiting for the results.

My symptoms are fatigue, ulcers in my mouth, cracked lips, dizziness, breathlessness and looking pale. All these symptoms increase dramatically while I have a period. . My iron levels are within the normal range.

I hope you feel better soon.

Barbara x

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Hi Barbara

Yes they have tested b12 as well and that seemed ok. I did speak too soon though (or post too soon!) as doctor phoned this afternoon to say she thinks the folate deficiency is just something extra they've picked up on, and not what caused me to get so dizzy and faint etc so still have to see neurologist before can drive or go back to work - should have known it wouldn't be as simple as taking extra folic acid!!! Although very glad that's been picked up too as low folate levels can add to fertility issues, and I don't any more of those!!! x

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You poor thing. I hope they sort you out soon.

Put your feet up.


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