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Physically ill as well as pain?

Hi there, does anyone else vomit and get servere migraine when on their period? I feel as if I have a virus every month. Day 1/2 I'm vomiting, shaking, majorly drained to the point where I can't keep my eyes open even if I tried, and just generally unwell. I get lots of gas pain as well as the sharp burning pain that accompanies my period each month, and most days throughout the month. Feeling soooo deflated and sick today and frustrated that it's a waste of yet another weekend xx

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Acute pain can make you vomit - it's not unusual to throw up when in pain. Why it happens, I don't know, but it has happened to me on occasion. It has always been a sudden whoosh no advance warning to reach the bathroom.

One occasion happened in my hallway - as i was awaiting in agony, for an ambulance to take me to hosp.

I ended up staying in hosp for a week - and when i did get home...oh the smell and the mess....that whole carpet had to go to the tip.

The shaking is self inflicted. Pain causes you to panic - heart rate shoots up, breathing gets shallower and you don't get enough oxygen in the body and start to tremble and shake.

The best thing to do is take long deep breaths and really concentrate on your breathing - just like ladies in final stage labour are told breath through the pain, you have to with any severe pain.

It's a vicious circle if you don't, and that's why they give you extra oxygen in the ambulance or in hospital.

Remember always deep controlled breathing..you need oxygen, so work hard at relaxing and deep breathing so the body is stocked up with oxygen, the heart doesn't need to work so hard to pump it round the body and it will prevent your heart racing, panic attacks and shakey shock setting in.

Keep topped up on pain killers - don't let them run out before topping up. Speak to the GP about stronger pain meds if you need them and which kinds you can mix, if you need a top up but are about to exceed the daily recommended dose. If you are supposed to have them every 8 hours but find the pain creeping back at 6 hours then top up or take a different kind to cover the overlap.

Gas pains to a greater extent are also self inflicted - find out by trial and error which foods and which drinks are triggering these and avoid them.

I don't touch alcohol, caffeine, any fizzy drinks, foods that tend to cause gas like sprouts beans and cabbage etc .

I stick to a water and water based soup as my drinks. And have a range of rather bland but safe foods to eat to avoid giving me gas pains.

I do my best, but if I'm invited to eat at someone else's houses or eat out then I am more than likely going to end up in a lot of pain within half an hour of eating. I don't like to be too fussy with what I eat when I am a guest, but at the same time it's only me that ends up in agony, so I do my best to stick to the safe foods where possible.

Finding out what triggers you off is the tricky part and it can take weeks to months of keeping a food/pain diary and cutting out suspect foods then reintroducing them again later and recording your reaction, so see what really is a trigger food or drink for you. We are all different and what doesn't suit me might be fine in someone else. It's an individual journey of discovery over time

When endo is active, your body is fighting hard with all the hundreds of wounds that need healing and it can be struggle and with our immune systems shot to bits it is a huge drain on the resources and you can so easily get tired and run down.

The best hope you have is to stop this cycle of misery each month by stopping your periods. Makes a huge difference to your quality of life if you can do this.

Surgery is great for removing existing endo, but it won't resolve the unpleasantness of periods and the menstrual cycle.

To stop periods - speak to your GP about the various methods available. There is a lot can be done to reduce the monthly hell of periods, from surgery to implants, to tablets and injections.

Best of Luck finding one that suits you.


If i am not careful, my hormones right before my period will cause me to throw up. Mine is strange though, and I tend to throw up every other month; with being severely nauseated every month regardless. I have to use super self control not to eat before going to bed on my "throw up month", and eat tons of antacid and take a dramamine pill every night for about a week. Then my period starts and I am back to my normal.


Hi - like the others I have thrown up with the pain but migraines no. However a colleague of mine who is not diagnosed with endo suffers horrendous migraine every month and it certainly seems to be linked to her hormones and also stress. She says the best thing for her has been acupuncture. Might be worth a go?


Thanks for the replies ladies, I'm feeling much more human today thank goodness :) I'm going to book some accupuncture as a few people have said it's really good for migraine. I'm booked in for a diagnostic lap 27th oct, I'm nervous but looking forward to finally finding out what's going on down there lol.


All of the above! It's like having a serious virus and a relatively major physical injury every 28 days...


Yep ditto to all !!! I loose a wk of work each month . I throw up & diarhea, used to get migraines but they have tailed off abit not sure why . Hi temp, no energy, apparently i even look like death lol !

Its like having gastro & flu each month with my period .

Its all linked to ur hormones :-(


Yep gastro and flu is exactly how I'd describe it. I also look like death xx it only lasts for the first couple of days of my period or sometimes a few days before. I still feel a bit off today but much better than yesterday. I wouldn't have been able to go to work but thankfully it's fell on the weekend. Where about is ur endo? Xx


I hav fibroids , PCOS, & stage 4 endo on ovaries, bowel, bladder, prob diaphram . Apparently its a mess in there lol !

Glad ur feeling better today.

Im a bank nurse so i sheduel shifts round my periods !


Oh that sounds awful Hun no wonder you get so ill around your period :( x


Indeed lol !!! But unfortunatley im not alone in suffering so badly with periods :-(



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