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Lower back pain suggestions

Hello all I am new here I was wondering if anyone else experiences this I usually get upper leg pain and some back discomfort as well as cramps when I am on my period but this month it is different on my first day I got severe back pain and cramps took tylnol went away tues was fine slight discomfort today at work again slight discomfort and my period is very light today but tonight the string lower back pain came back with slight cramping and gas like pain anyone have this why the pain again on the third day? Also my period does this in the third day it is almost fine then it comes back again on firth day but reddish brown sorry for the details anyone else experience this ? This is the first time I got this bad back pain

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I have experienced the same with the blood and doctors just say it’s a symptom of endo to me. Currently I am on the prostap injection so haven’t had a period in a while.

My pain normally starts mid cycle and starts in my lower back as well as pelvis area.

I am awake at this time due to pain and had some Codine. I have a heat pad on my belly and laid with my back straight as it’s giving me trouble tonight and painkillers aren’t helping.

Sorry I aren’t much help but I am sure other women will comment soon with advice. I hope it settles a bit for you so you can get some rest hun x


Thanks for replying I did see an endo specialist I do have slight endo problems but the back thing threw me for a loop and I am still awake because of it i to have a heating pad and I get pain on my right side of abdominal usually so heating pad and tv hoping I can get some rest eventually very painful I was panicking a bit as I also suffer from anxiety but your reply has made me feel better

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Hi I'm prostap injections too due to have my 3rd one Friday can I ask if you find make your joints ache worse? I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia & my dr said prostap might be making joints worse


Hi Samy23,

Sorry to hear you've been having severe lower back pains. It's very common with endometriosis, especially since we have the largest & longest spinal nerve, sciatica, going from lower back into the back of each leg going all the way to our feet. Endometriosis may put pressure on this important nerve, hence causing severe pain. From my personal experience, having a professional physio to recommend me specific exercises was really helpful. Yin yoga, which focuses on slow, long- held postures, can help loosening the fascia tissue too. My personal favorite is a world wide known Yin yoga teacher Paul Grilley, he's got a DVD on Yin yoga where he explains the anatomy and adjustments for different body types.

Normal Blair is a well known UK based Yin yoga teacher, i've been at his workshop, and he's got a book too.

Restorative yoga may help too.

Always consult with your GP if in doubt or if you have specific questions.

I hope this helps x



Thanks I cannot do yoga and it hurts as I also have fybromyalgia so I do tai chi this pain is unreal at least I k oz other ppl know what I am going through


Me too Hun just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia do you have prostap injections? Cos dr said to me might make joint pain worse


No I don't have the injections but I have to tell u I am now on day 13 of my cycle and ovulating and the lower back pain is back again along with the right side pain now I have acid reflex as well geez


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