Period pain after prostap

I had my first prostap injection a week ago today and I have started getting bad period pain is this normal has anybody else experienced this thanks 😓

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  • Hi, I haven't had prostap, but I have had Zoladex, which I was told is not that different. With My first Zoladex injection I got a period a week after, it consisted of really bad cramping. I went straight for my pain suppository & it took away the pain. I was told by my gyno at that time, that the bleeding was normal. However, just so your mind is at ease, do consult your GP, you are able to get telephone consultations sometimes.

    Hope you feel better!

  • Aww thank you it's driving me mad the only pain relief they have given me is naproxen I feel fobbed off all the time x

  • You should insist on something that works for you. Have you got bad cramps? Because I was prescribed buscopen for my horrid cramps and it worked so well, you can add paracetamol to that as well.

    I was lucky enough to have private insurance for my consultations and a really good gyno who listens and always ready to help, my NHS GP was treating me like I'm making up my symptoms :(

    i've also mentioned this on another post, but I really swear by TENS machine to help with pain. If it's bad then I take a painkiller and then put my TENS on, and this helps calm my muscles until the meds have don their job. Oh and a hot water bottle will always help. xx

  • They drive me mad keep telling me I have ibs x

  • Hi Jo - prostap works by shutting down the production of the pituitary hormones that instruct your ovaries to produce oestrogen. So in turn the aim is to shut down oestrogen production by the ovaries. But in order to achieve this the pituitary is over stimulated before the hormones shut down and during this time you will actually produce more oestrogen so can expect your symptoms to be worse. This is called the 'flare effect' and usually lasts around 3 weeks or so. After then things should settle down. But you should be careful to monitor your symptoms on prostap as it is a serious medication and doesn't suit some people. Be careful to look at the leaflet you should have been given and be sure to report any neurological symptoms as that would suggest you should stop. Also you should be taking some add back therapy such as livial to prevent bone loss x

  • Hi Lindle, thanks for the reply I was given no leaflet or other medication just have this for 3 months then come back if symptoms ease we will do a hysterectomy my last injection will be 26th June I am not seeing gynae till 6th August x

  • Hi - Jo. Have a look at this leaflet, especially the side effects tab. Can I ask why you are having a hysterectomy - what is your endo history, where is it, what's been done, how old are you?

  • They don't know for definite I have endo only suspect it because of my symptoms I do have a fibroid as well but I have history of very painful heavy periods and have tried every option that they have offered me with no success i am 43 this this year x

  • Hi - it will be important that any endo that is found is excised at the same time of your hysterectomy as it can continue after, But at your age you should be able to have your hysterectomy safely and I hope it resolves your pain x

  • I think after reading that Lindle I definitely won't be agreeing to start that x

  • Hi Jo my first prostap stopped my bleeding the same day then I had a week period 2 weeks later

    I had my second injection today

    How are you getting on with it now?


  • Hi I am only one week into my first injection but suddenly started to get period pain today I was given no information about what to expect or anything from it x

  • Hi I got my first prostap 3 wks ago I took my period and was worryied my body was rejecting the hormone but I got in touch with my consultant and he said u get ur period that ur due that month after u get ur first prostap but from the 4th wk on u will get the symptoms of menopause 100% :( feel better soon xx

  • I wouldn't mind having a period but I get all the pain and no period that's what my cycle is like horrendous pain for two weeks before my period starts where I can't even stand up straight this is why I am having the injections x

  • I feel your pain i do i vomit i get dizzy feverish all the symptoms its horrendous is right i be sick for up to 1 wk before my period aswell and in severe agony when it decides to arrive endometriosis is a horrible thing.. am on this prostap for 6 months bk in for op in feb of next yr and then they want to talk about another operation to remove my left ligiament xx

  • Hi, my bleeding stopped on the first day, then 2 weeks in I got a week long period, then since then no bleeding. I had my second injection yesterday. I have stopped bleeding and having contractions and big clots, but in return get body aches all over, nausea, headache and hot and cold flushes, the hot ones wake me up multiple times a night, still I would rather have those then bleed constantly and feel like I am going into labour and leave blood clots everywhere! I have 3 months worth and going back to consultant next month to discuss hyster, I am 33 and have 1 child. I am also going to discuss freezing my eggs.

  • Hi Ck23 I am having them for 3 months then back to gynae in August to discuss hysterectomy but I am already on the waiting list for it I have two grown up children so I just want rid of it all now I was up at 3 this morning feeling like I was in labour I am looking forward to the hot sweats if it gets rid of the pain x

  • It doesn't get rid of the pain, well it hasn't in my case, but every body is different. I don't need to go on the waiting list as I am private, I'm having prostap just to test my ovaries at this stage in preparation for the hyster

    Just try not to worry about the prostap too much I know it's hard not to but you can get yourself in a state about it, just try and go with it, you will have good days and bad days but it's just temporary


  • Yeah that's why I am having prostap to see if it works before going through surgery lets just hope and pray as I need my life back its making it very difficult to work as I am self employed x

  • Fingers crossed, I feel like a prisoner inside my own body, just want to live again, enjoy again! x

  • Aww I know I am really sick of it just feel like I can't go on much longer with it x

  • Me too and I'm having a particularly bad day today, have been quite bad last few days, I wanted to cry after having a wee a minute ago how pathetic is that, now my pelvis feels on fire like something's going to explode in there, my hot flushes are driving me crazy today too, least we're at the last hurdle now, I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself, I'm on the wine now to see if it helps I need to sleep tonight or I'm going to go crazy xx

  • Yeah I got woke up at 3am this morning feeling like I was in labour I haven't had hot flushes yet I only had my first prostap last week although I can't wait for op I am dreading all the time I need off as I don't get paid being self employed but it needs sorting once and for all x

  • Think it was a couple of weeks before my hot flushes started and they built up slowly, I am sooo hot right now I'm on fire ;)

    I won't get paid either, but we can claim £88 pw stat sick pay, better than nothing, your accountant can claim that back for you off your tax bill x

  • I can't get sap they don't pay it to self employed I can claim ESA which is £77 a week I am kind of dreading the hot flushes starting ok here but I am off to Greece next month x

  • Least you can get that though it's better than nothing, least you have air con in Greece ;) lol forever trying to be positive ;) it's running out now though it comes and goes lol x

  • I know yeah any hopefully these injections will kick in soon it sucks being a woman 😁 xx

  • This link is a facebook link too hun

  • Hi Jo I am in my second week of having the injection and started to bleed yesterday.Went to my GP today and he said this is normal.I have also started to ache all over and feeling sick too but again he said this is all the side effects from the injection.He also told me when i have my 2nd injection it should all settle down hopefully.He has put me on the sick for another month.I dont know if you are taking the livial tablets but if you have been prescribed them i would start taking straight away.Good luck take care Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon I have been given nothing not even info on this injection!! I had my injection on May the 1st when did you have yours and what are those tablets for you was given Jo x

  • Hi Jo I had my 1st injection on the 27th April a fortnight yesterday.The livial tablets are a form of hrt which will help you with mood swings,hot flushes and your bones.I am due for my 2nd injection now on the 1st June and hoping they will started to kick in with pain etc.In my opinion you should ring your gyne secretary and ask if you are able to see him again so he can explain these injection to you properly and give you the leaflet on them and also ask him/her to provide you with the hrt tablets.I hope you get this sorted hun tc speak soon xx Aw yes this is a website i found earlier if you would like to take a look adenomyosisadviceassociatio... I hope it helps you find some answers xx

  • I was told this injection has to be done every 28 days I was my gp that gave it me not gynae x

  • Oh right it can be done every 4 to 5 weeks no longer than 5 weeks..Go and see your GP hun for the info on it x

  • My specialist endo nurse said must be every 28 days? It can 'run out' in your system x

  • Also to only take the hrt if you really need to as it can weaken the affect of the prostap or something like that? X

  • Yeah I was told 28 days and I am not taking any hrt am ok at the minute not had symptoms except period pain x

  • Hi, I had my first injection 2 weeks ago and my pains have been horrendous, I'm starting to feel sick and dizzy, I get my 2nd injection on the 26th may hopefully things will start changing then, so bk to my doctors later for better pain relief as Tremadol and codine are not helping at all 😭😭 xx

  • Hi I had mine the 1st may I had awful pain a week later but it seems to have settled now thank god hopefully it will start working x

  • Just bk from the doctors he said it starts to settle down with second injection so hopefully it does but in the meantime he's gave me oral morph xxx

  • Bloody hell I take naproxen wasn't working the other day was in agony I spoke to the gp in tears she told me to take paracetamol Inbetween what's the point they are useless x

  • I no how u feel, I've been like that many of times and expected that today but I think he could see how bad I was and I would of took myself to a&he if he hadn't of gave me anything. Here's hoping I feel better in a few days before I have work at the weekend xx

  • I have just been reading all these comments and it seems we're all in the same boat. I am having my third injection on Tuesday 26th May and was even thinking about not continuing with this treatment. It has been a real roller coaster of ups and downs, aches and pains, feeling about 90, heavy bleeding in second month for 13 days, then also in second month low mood came, aches and pains not so bad in second month, eased off a bit, now in the last week of second month aching from head to foot again and today have felt dreadful, with crushing fatigue. I haven't been to work since starting this treatment and have felt a bit bad at being off so long, but I'm definitely not ready to go back yet, in fact, the ways things are, I cant seem myself going back at all on this treatment, it makes you feel terrible. I see a few of you are also struggling to go to work too. It really helps having others on this site to relate to. I am thinking of just having the third injection and if I still feel awful for the next month and the low mood gets any worse I might stop it. Does anyone else feel like giving up.

  • Bloody hell it looks like I have been getting off lightly I have carried on working although I am self employed I have felt fine so far just wondering what second one may bring xx

  • Hi all... am new to this site...

    Started prostap beginning of May and have felt totally fine... bled 3 weeks later and gynae nurse said this can happen...had 2nd jab on 3rd June and over past couple days I have started with horrendous headaches and general aching. I have really bad period pains and am worried I am going to bleed again & that the injections aren't working. Sorry you are all going through this also, but so glad I'm not alone ☺ x

  • Hi Sharon I had my second one on the 30th of May after about a week the headaches reduced I also had bleeding and pain in the first month.i am due my third injection the 26th June but since last Friday (two weeks after 2nd one) I have been getting real hot flushes other than that I have been fine on it my gp has told me I can stay on it until my op which I was very happy about I am seeing gynae on 9th July so hopefully then will get an idea of how long I have to wait for op xx

  • Hi Jo...

    So far I haven't had any hot flushes but I expect they'll come. I've felt totally fine until now.. My consultant appt is 2nd july, I've already had a laparoscopy to remove a cyst from my left ovary but they couldn't remove it as they found I had extensive endo and my left ovary is stuck to my bowel & my right is distorting my uterus. This started with me having fertility treatment and when I collapsed with pain, they found the cyst. I'm waiting for my next op and they're hoping the injections will help when they separate my ovary/bowel 😕

    It's nice to talk to someone who understands what I'm going through.. xx

  • Aww what a nightmare for you I am hoping when I go back on the 9th they will agree to do the hysterectomy so fingers crossed for us both xx

  • Hi. I have had my first prostap injection 4 days ago and yesterday really felt it was working already but today I have severe cramping and alot of pains in abdo, hips and legs. even feel uncomfy inside too if you understand me. is this all normal as not sure wethere to ring docs tomorrow or not. hoping these wI'll work as have been in agony for months now. if these work then I will possibly be having a hysterectomy. I'm only young but am complete with my family so I'm happy with that decision as have been suffering for years now. thanks

  • Hi I had mine in October I bled horrendously for 3 weeks then stopped!

    Had nothing since and due 2 one next week

    I had a hard lump for about 5 weeks we're needle was injected

    It's normal and it's the hormones being messed around with

    Should see a significant change in a few weeks a lot of people panic and give up but u need the 3 injections to regulate the body

    Ride the storm I swear it's worth it

    As after 10 months of bleeding everyday and northesterone tabs and trananemic acid nothing has ever worked as good as this

    So fingers crossed all stays well for you and us all


  • Hi Jo you've actually just answered my question I wasn't sure if I could take naproxen after having my prostap injection I'm nearly at two weeks now but I'm really not liking it, I've got pain worse now than before and the migraines and dizzy spells are horrendous. However I noticed you said you had fibroids and suspected endo my gynaecologist told me they are one in the same thing it's just how and where they form is different, apparently there is also a link in genetics as I'd said my mom, Nan and great nan have all had bad fibroids so bad for my Nan that she had her hysterectomy done because of them, he told me it was inevitable that I was going to end up with endo because of the family history. Good luck I hope things improve for you soon xx

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