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Mirena & excruciating pain

I had my mirena fitted 3 weeks ago during a diagnostic lap & hysteroscopy. First day of period today & I feel like I'm in labour. I have pain constantly but this is something else. The pain is overwhelming & it bringing me to tears. No amount of pain killers, burning hot water bottles, breathing techniques or rocking is helping. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you.

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My first period after my coil was fitted was just awful, but mine was a few days after it was fitted and I'd been on something to stop the bleeding for weeks before. I felt pain, nausea and hot flushes coming time and time again. This went on for a week I had a prearranged Drs appointment, a follow up to something else and I told her while I was there, she gave me a prescription for ponstan, I didn't get to try it for a good while later due to problems at chemist but I turned the corner the following day. Since then I only have a slight increase in bleed from the daily light to almost medium bleed, still with nausea and flushes but not pain.

Do you have a phone number given to you after the treatment, mine was fitted in the same way? You could ring them or get an appointment with your dr? I know it's not always straight forward with the level of pain but hopefully they can help.

Good luck.


Thanks starfish 123 I'm going to ring the doctors today. I can't bear this, yes my period is lighter but the pain out weighs the gains at the moment. Good luck to you. Xx


I just got my 1st lupron injection on Monday.. I was recommended to try the mirena, but I have heard so many horror stories pertaining to it which is why I chose not to go that route.. I'm actually nervous now, knowing that I'm 29 & for 3 months will be experiencing menopause..

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Hi guys, I've had the mirena coil for over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. The first few weeks were awful, it felt like my lower back was burning and would split in 2. My body felt incredibly sore and I won't lie, I was in great pain, but having had a blood clot due to the pills i had been given, my options were very limited and I had to give this a go.

I know mirena is not for everyone and sometimes doesn't work at all. For me so far it is working really well. I would sign right now to keep the small pain i have occasionally as it is so much bearable than has ever been before.

Good luck. It's hard to tell how long you keep the trial for but I wanted to share this as it might be worth allowing the body to adjust.

All the best x


I had to come off mine after a month because it felt like I was giving birth the whole time and I was bleeding the whole time =[. Dr said it might be that it was irritating endo tissue already there.


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