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laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

Hi, new to this forum and hoping to get some advice. I have been suffering for time now both physically and emotionally with terrible heavy periods. I have finally been referred to a specialist. After two scans I have discovered that I have a Polyp and a large Cyst on my left ovary as well as possibly endometriosis. I have been put in a waiting list for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to hopefully remove the Polyp and Cyst and have a good look at what else what might be causing my systems. I am 36 and haven't had children yet, feeling very alone and worried right now. I haven't really got anyone to talk to and it hasn't really been explained to me properly. Can anyone shed any light on what expect from the op? recovery time etc? Any advice on what to do in the meantime? I have been given tranexamic acid to help but anything else I can do? Thanks in advance xx

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Hi, try not to worry to much about the laparoscopy, it's not as bad as you might think, recovery time differs from person to person and depends on the amount of work they do whilst in there, will they be removing endo if found, I would say 2 weeks is average to go back to work ect  but it takes a while longer to feel fully recovered, make sure you get some peppermint tea and tablets, and start taking both a few days before op, this will help with the air they put in you, as sometimes this can cause pain as it sort off gets stuck, make sure you take a pillow for the journey home, for belly and seat belt, and stock up on good tele books mags ect, try to move around as soon as possible but listen to you body and don't over do it, little and often is best, good luck, and if you have any questions fire away, someone will answer them, x


Thanks so much for your reply. I am not sure exactly what they will be doing until the day as they are not sure exactly what's going on so guess it will depend on what they find. Good to know it could be up to that amount of time off through so I can pre warn work. I live in my own and don't have a partner so hoping I can organise going to my mums afterwards so I don't need up over doing things. It's nice to know I am not alone as not many people I speak too about it seem to really comprehend the pain and suffering I have been going through x


I suffer abdominal pain and have done for a while. Have just been in to hospital for my 2nd laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. The first time I had a dermiod cyst removed and was off work for 2 weeks. This time they found endometriosis and removed as much of it as they could. Go back to work today after being off for a week but I could have done with another week. Pain from the gas can be bad and I found I had constipation for a few days after but it soon calms down. Please try not to worry. I know it's hard as I worry but afterwards I always wonder why I was so worried


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