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Getting Pregnant after Lap

Hi ladies,

I hope you're all well :)

I'm having my first lap next month after a very long and painful wait.. Kind of excited although I'm very nervous too!

My consultant has advised that the best time to conceive will be pretty much straight after the lap (once I'm up to sex and healed!).

Amongst all my nerves/questions/thoughts, I forgot to ask one question..

How big is the window in which is best to conceive?

I know everyone is different but I was wondering if there was a general answer other ladies have been given?

Thanks in advance, happy Thursday ❤️

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Hi, I believe the best time to get pregnant are the first 6 months after the lap. Best of luck x


I was also told the first 6 months after, although it took me a good 2 months to heal and feel 'ready' for trying. I did conceive at 4 months post lap but unfortunately miscarried. We're still trying and are now also starting now IVF xx good luck!! ❤️💋


hi, just wondering how long it took for a referral for lap? xx I am having the same issues possible endo and struggling to conceive. I have my first gyni apt today xx


Hey lovely,

So it's taken about 7 months of trying different things that could rule out endo and them not working. As you probably know lap is the only way to diagnose & they try all other routes first xx


Hi, what other things have you tried before the lap? xx thanks


Changing contraceptive methods mostly. On and off of different pain relief too xx


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