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zoladex and getting pregnant


i had laparoscopy for endo on may 2014. As my Doc said i finished my last 3rd zoladex on 2nd july 2014. Till today i didnt get my periods, but sometimes I am having abdominal cramps from left and right side, and lower back pain. but this is not unbearable. I feel like I am going to get my period now but its just discharge and i am having fatigue. During zoladex, I had vaginal dryness but now I am having white milky dischage. Before i had painful sex and now thats fine.

Why is it so?? is it normal?? when do i get my periods? Have anyone experienced??

Even before diagnosing endo in me, my period were not very painfull. but after 2 weeks of my laparoscopy and 1st zoladex implant (which i took next day of lap), i had my period which were unbearable, i felt like i am going die. oh my god.

My Doc said u must conceive before u get my first period after finishing zoladex treatment. because there are chances in me to have endo again if i get periods, so i will not get pregnant.so doc asked us ti try after for a baby after last zoladex implant. but i read on net, it is better to conceive after getting first periods. i am confused what to believe? and how do i knw that i am ovulating? because my menstrual cycle is unknown.

hysterectomy study: normal

laparoscopy : severe endometriosis

Friends i need ur help plzz.

i am trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years and till today it is a big no.. i really want a baby.

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zoladex is not a safe drug to have in the body when you are pregnant - it stays in the body up to 4 months after your last implant went in, so 2nd of july was your last one, plus 4 months takes you up to middle of november before you should be trying to get pregnant.

You should continue to practice safe sex using condoms or other barrier methods until all the drug is out of your body and then it is safe to try for a pregnancy.

If you do get pregnant while the drug is in the body it can mean a miscarriage or a high risk off a disabled baby and it is not worth risking that with something so valuable to you.


you will not be able to get pregnant unless you are ovulating, and ovulation might start quickly but may not start for months. We are all different in how quickly our bodies get back to working normally after zoladex.

The average wait for ovulation after stopping the drug is 5-6months.

That means half of women will start ovulating quicker than 5-6months, and nearly half will take longer, but for some their ovaries never wake up. Only a very small percentage will not find their ovaries waking up and ovulating again.

If you wait longer than a year for periods to return then speak to your GP about it and he or she can check your hormone levels to see if there is a problem.

Your Doctor is talking rubbish to say you must conceive before your first period. He may hope that you do, but you cannot control that and nor can he.

No one knows when they will be able to conceive. It is not something you and anyone can control.

It is pure luck whether natural conception takes place after you ovulate and if you don't fall pregnant that month then you have a period and have to try again the next month.

If you don't feel pain when you ovulate then you will not know when that happens until your first period arrives then you have a much better idea when the next ovulation will take place, counting from the first day of your period for about 14 days if you have a 28 day cycle. Then you are around the time of the next ovulation.

Yes every period carries a small risk that it will cause the spread of new endometriosis., but how else can you fall pregnant unless you are ovulating and having periods?

Each period causes a fresh new menstrual lining to grow in the uterus ready for a newly fertilised egg to attach itself to the lining and grow a placenta. If you do not get pregnant or your egg does not attach then the lining gets old and you must get rid of it by having a period in order for a new lining to grow for a possible pregnancy the next month.

The website that explains the risks is on

drugs.com/pregnancy/goserel... Goserelin the pharmaceutical name for Zoladex.

if you want to read more about it.

A clinical trial on GnRH drugs found traces remained up to 4 months - so to be on the safe side wait at least the 12 weeks as per the advice from the manufacturer of zoladex, and probably best to wait the extra month to be sure there is definitely no drug left in the body before you get pregnant.

Once it is safe to have unprotected sex again then it is pot luck as to when you may fall pregnant. A success in getting pregnant depends on so many things. Not just the health of the egg and sperm, also a clear pathway for them to travel and meet up - but also the chemicals in the uterus, the menstrual lining being ready to accept a fertilised egg and the drugs you might have in your body when you do get pregnant. There are so many steps that can go right or can go wrong so a lot of luck is involved in successfully getting pregnant in the first place and more luck needed to carry on with a healthy pregnancy to full term.

Make sure you are as healthy as you can be - allow time to get rid of all the chemicals from the zoladex implants, make sure you are topped up with folic acid, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise and your partner needs to take care of his health too so he has happy healthy sperm.

You still have a few weeks to prepare for baby making, and hopefully you won't have too long to wait before your first period arrives and then you can start counting to the next ovulation after that.

The only ways to know when you ovulate for the first time after zoladex is either you are someone who always feels sharp pain when they ovulate, or you will have to monitor your body by one of several methods.

They are outlined on the following web page


As you have no idea when in the next few months that could possibly be, my advice is to wait for the 1st period and count from then onwards. But it is your choice which you want to do.

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Hi, I am in exactly the same situation like you right now. 3 injections and I am waiting for period with lower back pain and the other things you are saying. Can you update what happend with you. Thank you.



i got my period back in the month of august. For me zoladex was not usefull. because when i did scaning in the month of november, the result says i have endometriosis again :(

but i am hopefull and i am trying for a baby, but no luck.

i am getting regular period even before zoladex implant. but i found i have spotting for up to 3-4 days before getting my regular period. this was not there before my laparoscopy and zoladex implant. i am trying to get pregnant for the last 4 years. dnt knw vat to do.. little depressed nowadays..


Hi, Is me again. When I got the ectopoc pregnancy I had endometriosis. I used evening primerose oil and I got pregnant on the second cicle. before that we were trying for 1year. I just had bad luck. Try it. Maybe is gonna help you. I am praying for you.



first time i am hearing about primrose oil? how to use and what is the benefit??

thank u


Hi - it's now 9 months since your last injection so the drug should be well out of your system. The white discharge is your normal vaginal discharge that is made by the cervix (to make sex comfortable and enable sperm to swim) under the influence of oestrogen so this confirms that your cyclic hormones are getting back to normal. But you won't necessarily expect to get a proper normal period suddenly from not having them for so long. It may take a while for your pattern to return.

I'm afraid your GP is talking nonsense as I'm not sure how he expects you to predict the arrival of your first period after Zoladex in order to have sex 14 days or so beforehand!

The most important issue in your posts is that your endo was confirmed as returned on a scan just 6 months after your lap for severe endometriosis and indicates that you were not treated thoroughly. Most endo doesn't show on scans other than endometrial cysts on ultrasound and severe disease/adhesions sometimes on MRI, so can you say what scan it was and what it showed? Zoladex was unlikely to help severe endo that was left in. You were probably treated by a general gynae-obstetrician who did not excise your endo and just used ablation/laser that has not removed it. Can you let me know where your endo was - do you have the surgeon's report? It looks very likely that you need to be seen by a proper specialist to get your endo properly treated before trying to conceive. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist and get back if you need help in knowing what to do next. x

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Many thanks for all that info. I am out today and will get back to you late tonight x


Hi again

It is strange that the lap found severe endo yet it doesn't say where it was. It just says 'endometriosis coagulated' which means it was vaporized or burned off. I think we have to assume for now that it was just on your ovaries and tubes and that they have been cleared. You have a small endometrioma on your right ovary so I think it looks likely that at some time you will need further endo surgery by a specialist. But I agree that you should try for a baby first whilst your tubes and ovaries are clear (apart from the endometrioma). When your periods return I suggest you get an ovulation tester so you have an idea of when the best time to conceive would be. Have a look at my post on monitoring your fertility. And if you have no success after say 6 months of trying I should ask your GP to refer you to a fertility clinic for help to try and conceive. If you are lucky and get pregnant your endo should go quiet as you will not produce the kind of oestrogen that feeds endo when you are pregnant. But after you should monitor any pain symptoms and I would recommend you ask for a referral to an endo specialist as the endometrioma will get bigger after pregnancy and will need removing. I hope all goes well. x


Sorry about that girlfriend. God will give you children very soon. Trust me u will have children.


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