Will I ever be able to get pregnant

Hi I would really like to hear of any of you ladies that have managed to fall pregnant with this disease. I had my son aged ten when I was16 and was a single parent ,I met my wonderful husband 5 years ago we have been trying to conceive now for three years I was diagnosed through lap staged 2 Endo last November I got told if I could conceive then it would have to be within 6 months which is now long gone so as the months are coming and going I am really losing all hope that I will ever full pregnant, I would be very great full of any success stories and what you think may of helped you get pregnant thanks in advance x

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  • I had severe endometriosis and gave had to a fair few operations. My consultant said it could take up to 5 years to conceive,but 1.5 years later I fell pregnant. Unfortunately had a miscarriage,but now have a beautiful baby daughter!

    There is hope it just takes time for your body to heal and repair.


  • Thank you xxx

  • I got pregnant with my son two years ago with endo and had a lap this year as developed aheasions and have small amounts of endo I was told to try and get pregnant in the 1 st year of having my lap saw infertility clinic and said that have to try for two years before id be put on waiting list for ivf but would have to pay for it as wouldn't get it funded on the nhs so still trying to get pregnant but infertility clinic said I fell pregnant before so chances are I will again I hope that this helps and wish u all the best xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Don't give up hope......I had Endo and conceived three times......my daughter has Endo and had her first baby quite quickly after her first Laparoscopy.....she then thought she couldn't have any more as nothing was happening and gave all her baby things away......Anyway, to cut a long story short, seven years later, she was taken into hospital with suspected appendicitis and turned out to be my little Grandson :) So eight years gap between my grandchildren.......We are all different but it can happen !!!

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi I have stage 4 endo, tried to conceive for about a year with no success. I had a lap to check tubes etc as my last one had been 7-8 years previous - tubes were fine but had a lot of deep adhesions and scar tissue. We were told to keep trying while having other fertility tests carried out e.g sperm / ovulation tests...all was fine. We still couldn't get pregnant and so we were offered IVF.... I became pregnant from our first IVF cycle and am now 27 weeks today!

    I had lost all hope of becoming a mum, it was the most devastating time of my life.

    My advise to you would be to get referred asap to the infertility/ assisted conception department. I started investigations after one year as I had already been diagnosed with endo but the whole process from me coming off contraception to getting IVF was about 2 years through NHS though waiting lists differ around the country.

    IVF and fertility treatment is such a scary thing to think about, and hopefully it won't come to that for you but I def think you need to start the process just in case you need some help further down the line. Wish you all the best xx

  • Thank you and I hope your pregnancy goes well. Unfortualty I do not qualify for ivf but if we haven't concieved by next year we will save up for Ivf xxx

  • I love this story, i hope i can get a happy ending like this, I have stage 4 endo had lots of surgery as my ovaries was stuck together im starting the ivf process after 6 years on no baby, i am loosing hope and so scared the ivf wont work xxx

  • Aww wish you all the luck in the world Abbie!

    It is hard emotionally but I found the grief of trying so hard and getting your period each month much worse and you have been trying a lot longer than me. Obviously I was one of the lucky ones and didn't have to go through a negative result after an IVF cycle, can only imagine how tough that is.

    If you haven't already sign up to the Infertility UK forum on Health Unlocked.... I found it a great help lots of support and advice. Good luck, stay positive and take care of yourself. Xxx

  • I hoping for a positive result as we'll as all I want it to have a proper family, congratulations on getting through this rough process and getting the happy ending we all deserve, I find it hard as we'll when the dreaded period comes and at the age on 26 a lot of my friends are bringing their little bundle of joys into the world I will try to be positive and not give up hope, have you had your miricles yet xxx thanks for the advise on the website il have a look at it

  • I'm hoping that I fall pregnant naturally but looking into natural remedies if I come across any will let u no xx

  • Thank you very much that will be hear all the luck to you xxx

  • No problem I will let u know how things go xx

  • I have stage 3 endo and am lucky enough to have a beautiful 8 year old son, whom I fell pregnant with having been told it would be very difficult to conceive. I've had numerous operations on my endo, laser, excision etc, it always seems to come back. I have been with my husband for 4 years and following a clean up lap in February, we have been trying to conceive, to no avail ever since. I too was told 6 months after the lap would be the optimum time, this has now passed. On my most recent trip to my gynae (who is amazing) he prescribed me three months of Clomid to try and boost my ovulation. I've just finished the first month and i guess it's a bit of a waiting game to see if it helps. As much as my husband and I want a baby, we've made the decision not to go through IVF as I don't think I would cope with if it didn't work. I wish you the best of luck, maybe go and speak to your gynae to check if there any issues with ovulation etc? X

  • Thank you I think I will defiantly see what else they can offer me all the luck to you to xxx


    Hi, please dont give up hope of conceiving. I have endomitriosis and went throught IVF preliminary testing. As well as age being against me at 40 yrs old and having Endo they discovered I had a really low ovarian reserve and a partialy blocked fallopian tube. I was given just 4% chance of conceiving. They also refused to give me IVF.

    Anyway, Knowing fertility plummets past 40 yrs old I gave up hope as my chances were so small. I became so very depressed and didnt take care of myself. partying 3 or 4 nights a week drinking and smoking quite heavily.

    One night a year after the IVF results I had really painful breasts and realised I hadnt had a period for a while.This wasn t unusual as my periods were very light and irregular anyway but I did a pregnancy test and was so shocked when the little line appeared saying I was pregnant.

    I put my mind and body through hell for over 12 mths and remember drinking at least

    a bottle of wine and doing recreational drugs just a wk before. Still to this day I sometimes find myself thinking I ll just wake up to my old unhappy life before my beautiful boy existed. God knows how the poor little mite clung on when I was trashing my body.Thankfully no harm came to him. He truly is my little miracle.

    Keep the faith, miracles really do happen !. Best of luck.

    Big hugs Fiona

  • Arh thank you so much and a big congratulations to you I really do hope I get a little luck too xxxxx

  • Ps, The investigation to check if your tubes are blocked involves shooting dye through your fallopian tubes.As I think it did for me the act of shooting the dye can help clear the tubes.

    I also numerous natural treatments inc weekly reflexology, chinese acupuncture and herbs. All of which helped me to fall pregnant naturally.Fiona X

  • Thank you they checked my tubes when I had my last lap to remove the Endo and all was ok with them I am defiantly going to try acupuncture and I'm going to try a healthier diet xxxxx

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