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8 weeks post lap- how long to recover?

Hi Ladies, had my lap 8 weeks ago tomorrow. I have been feeling much better than I did but I still have a constant dull pain like moderate period pain and I get tired very easily. Surgeon said I could return to the gym after 8 weeks, but I cannot do a 9-10 hour day at work and then work out! I'm exhausted at the end of the day!

Wondering if I am ever going to feel fully better or if this is best it gets. I wondered how long you were before fully recovered from your lap?

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Hello Adele.... Just tagging on here because I want to see what people say! 😜 I bloody hope you start to feel better soon! If you are 8 weeks and I'm just over 3 - I have a long way to go! I'm tri-cycling and due to have my first period any day now (took last pill Friday). I'm not looking forward to that! 😟 speak soon xx


Hey hunny, I am also tricycling. Had a period about 3.5 weeks after surgery but I still had alot of surgery pain so didn't really feel any different x


After my first lap it took about 7 weeks to be able to move around properly and a further 3-4 to be pain free. It depends on how your body reacts. It will get better, and your body will let you know when it is ready xxx


Thanks Jade that helps, I could move freely after about 4-5 weeks. Had a tummy virus during my recovery which set me back a bit, generally feeling ok now except this constant ache and the fatigue. I wake up every day and think is it gone yet... but it's still there 😥


Hi, i can honestly say i didnt feel properly like me for about 5 months post lap but i did have other problems (constant nausea).


Snap! Had mine about the same time. My consultant said my first two periods could be worse but I would start to feel better after that. I've had my second over Xmas- so fingers crossed.

My MDs wife had endo removal and he said it was like a switch - she felt tired and rubbish for 2-3 months and then all of a sudden felt great and like a normal woman. Really hoping we're nearly there now!


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Hi Adele, how did the operation go? How did you find waking up etc? I have mine on the 20th so nerves are running high! I'm sorry your still recovering but I do hope you feel better very soon! Xx


Hi Katy Marie, it's different for everyone and like you I was a bag on nerves before the op. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When I first came round I was in pain but within seconds of me saying so I had pain relief which worked really quickly. I had oxygen through a tube in my nose for about an hour after leaving recovery and stayed in hospital just the one night. I could have gone home same day if I could have pee'd but I had some removed from my bladder and I couldn't go, so had to stay in for observations. I had quite alot removed via excision so my recovery has been what feels like a long road, but each week I've been getting better. The best advice I can give is listen to your body during recovery and don't push it too far. If you have any specific questions always happy to answer best I can. Wish you all the best for your op and a speedy recovery x


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