First period after lap???!!

Hiya ladies

Hope your all well.

I had my lap 2 weeks ago yesterday. And iv got an infection I came on yesterday too. I was feeling OK up until Friday I stared getting really bad nausea. Seen doc yesterday gave me antibiotics for infection.

The thing is I feel really really ill my head is banging my back is so much worse than it normally is my right flank is killing hardcire throbbing. My legs are aching feel so heavy.

Best way to describe what I'm going through is like 5 flu's and 3 periods at once. Please can some one share with Me their experiences on first period after lap.

Everyone's telling me to go to hospital but I am sick of them. X

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  • I have heard first period after laparoscopy is pretty horrible and maybe you need to give your antibiotics time to kick in. But if your worried ring the hospital you had it done for advice, did they give you emergency number with your after care information?

  • Thanks for reply and no hospital didn't give me no number. I'm going to see out of hours docs im in too much pain.

  • yes I think you should. I had to go back to hospital after my surgery as I was in so much pain, they gave me morphine and checked my bloods etc

  • Bless ya. It's awful isn't it. I feel so weak and the pains too bad it's throbbing constant then sharp pains in waves. I'm normally good with pain try not to take meds and stick to hear pad. But nothing is helping. It's awful.

  • yes ring or go to hospital if pain too bad, good luck xx

  • Thanks hun I went to out of hours who sent me to hospital they give me iv of antibiotics infection seemed like it had gone to kidney. And kept me on pain relief. Home now resting. Xxx

  • Glad to you went to out of hours, was just about to reply saying my first period after my lap was pretty normal, certainly nothing like what to have experienced! Get well soon x

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