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Hi ladies, this morning I had my long awaited Lap.

I had been counting down the weeks days & hours as I was really looking forward to having it over & done with.

After surgery I woke in recovery with a great deal of pain and I was immediately medicated and felt relaxed, until the gyno- surgeon came in to see me & informed me that my lap was deemed as a fail.

After 5 attempts trying to insert the scope & a double dosage of gas to try and assist the doc they eventually decided to call it a fail & try again another day.

I have to meet with the surgeon in 3 days and book in for a second surgery, next time they will do open surgery to avoid the issues that occurred today.

I am feeling shattered emotionally that this has happened.

I was really keen to have this all behind me but unfortunately the worst is yet to come.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any advice or encouragement?

And also any tips for dealing with post lap (gas complications) & pain?

Thanks darlings xx

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Hi - I am so sorry for the disappointment you feel after such a build up but I do believe this will be the most enormous blessing in disguise. I looked at you previous posts and you have all the symptoms of rectovaginal endo which will usually involve lots of adhesions and your GP suspects bowel involvement. The most likely reason for the failure is that there will probably have been too many adhesions in the way when trying to get the scope in and in fact it would have been very dangerous to try in case organs were in the way too. So at that point they were right to abandon the procedure for your own safety, but if this was done in general gynaecology then to suggest the next stage as an open laparotomy is unthinkable. To suggest even operating in any way on suspected bowel endo in general gynaecology is unthinkable. Your surgery needs very careful planning with the help of pre-operative MRI to map what is going on inside and must be done in a highly skilled specialist centre. Open laparotomy would the absolute last resort as endo is notoriously missed and laparoscopy is the gold standard. They would be going against all guidelines at this early to open you up.

Click on my name and look at my post on rectovaginal endo and on how to find a specialist.

Where are you in the UK?




That's a lot more serious than I was expecting, not sure how to feel about that.

Thank you for you advice, I will certainly keep that in mind.

I'm actually in Australia xx


Hi - I don't know how the health system works there but you can find specialists here:




I'm in Australia too and I think it's enometriosis Australia or endo active that have the list of endo specialists, but they are only in the major capital cities. Hope this helps x


Please take Lindle's advice. She really knows what she is talking about. You could be talking serious negligence if you let them open you up.

Take care xx


Hi, please don't let these people open you up again. I think you should see an endometriosis specialist. Also join a group called endometropolis on facebook. I have learnt so much for that group and people discuss their experiences with different endo specialists so you can ask for feedback before seeing a particular one. Good luck.

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Hi EbonyP, this also happened to me in May this year. I woke up feeling really positive then was told they had 2 attempts at getting in and couldn't. I then was transferred to another hospital for 'observation' and later found out I had two tears in my small bowel, so had another operation later that night by which point I was in agony and finding it hard to breathe. So my endo was discovered but never actually treated, and I'll need to have the operation again too.

I think failed laps are a lot more common than I was initially aware, and also risk of bowel injury is a lot more common than I was led to believe. Try to keep positive this is just a blip, you will have your second surgery and it will go really smoothly I'm sure.

Gas pain unfortunately much as it hurts best advice is to keep moving to try to get it to move rather than end up in one spot - I had it in my shoulders and honestly felt it was worse pain than the surgery!!

Hope everything goes well for you!x


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