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Post Lap- how long until symptoms subsided?

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Hello ladies 🌻

I had my lap on the 3rd of October this year, so roughly... 8 weeks ago. I got endo removed from my right ovary, Fallopian tube and ligaments and they cut open my right ovary to drain and remove a cyst. Since then I’ve had awful bloating, painful cramps, ovary pain, constipation and bleeding.

In all honesty, I don’t feel any better for having the lap at all and some days I actually feel worse than I did before I had it.

I was wondering is this all normal? Does it get better or am I that unfortunate statistic that says the lap doesn’t always improve your symptoms?

I have my post op appointment in a couple of weeks but I just feel unless the dr lives with endo day in day out, they don’t get it and they can’t understand what it’s like living like this daily. Any advise or similar experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you 💕🌻

5 Replies
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Hi x I’m 7 week’s post lap (my first one) and they found endo and treated it. I also had a Mirena fitted. I have had more pain than before I had it but my GP has told me to bare with it - it can take up to 6 months for everything to settle. So I’m hoping that is the truth! I’m sure we’re all different too. Take care. X

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Hi I've had my second lap at the end of july to remove endo off my bowel, it's taken me about four months to feel back to normal - as in where I was before my lap.

It depends on what's been done / removed, how much has been done, how long you were under for, how many organs they had to move out of the way to get to places, individual recovery time. It's different for different women - my specialist said expect the first few months and cycles to be off infact they could feel worse as there's a lot done and our body is healing. Plus we can't tell the difference between removal of endo pain and endo pain so it all just feels like nothings happened.

Have you discussed realistic symptom improvement with your specialist? It may be an idea discussing that with him / her at your post op appt. Ask how invasive it all was and where they expect you to be recovery wise based on his / her other patients. Mine suggested four to five months for recovery with a 50% symptom improvement - it's taken five months and about 90% but I'm still living like it's a dream! I know it's not a fix all solution - but if you have a chat with your specialist you will be able to find out what they're expecting and what the next steps are if you're not feeling better say at 6 months. Be realistic with what levels of pain / symptoms you can cope with and discuss that too - ie what you can happily live your life and take medication when needed.

Hopefully that helps a bit xx

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That’s bad to hear your feeling no better at all!! It took me 11 weeks to feel back to normal after a laparoscopy but the worse of the pain subsided in the first month. I just had residual prickly healing pains and some tummy aches.... which felt more like bowel issues than ovary issues.... plus extreme exhaustion. The body is remarkable at healing itself though! I hope things get better for you soon! Ps can you try and get a follow up appointment with your surgeon too?

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Hi there! Things took months to settle for me. I felt like i would never get better... I had my tube and ovary removed as well as stage 4 endo excised and a 10cm endometrioma taken out. I had it done in August and recovery took WAY longer than I had anticipated. Your body went through a lot and it takes months to feel normal. I felt worse before I felt better :(

Hang in there and let the doctor know how you feel.

Big hugs!


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Thanks for all of your replies ladies 💕 I think I’m probably being impatient I think it’s because the bloating has been so bad recently and I barely had any previously and I didn’t expect the cramping to still be so current or sore!

I’ll definitely mention to my Gyne consultant at my appointment and maybe see about referral to BSGE clinic as I’ve heard they can be really helpful!

Thanks again for taking the time to message! It’s always lovely to speak to people who have been through similar!

Hope you’re all having a good day 🌻💕

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