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Pain "down there"

Hi ladies, just wanted some advice or to find out if anyone has had this happen to them.

I had my lap on the 6th January, they removed a few endometriomas which were known my left ovary. And removed endometriosis from both ovaries, the outside of my uterus and my POD. I also had the mirena coil fitted.

I took 3 weeks off work and went back to work yesterday, and today when I got home I had pain on the front of my vagina and also inside. Not really sure how to describe it, it feels sharp and cramping like.

I am not with a partner so it can't be anything sexually transmitted. And I don't get pain when I pass urine. But when I do go to the bathroom I do bleed, but it doesn't look like period blood.

Oh and I am also taking the pill still, only for the next month until my body heals enough before my period comes along.

Could the coil be causing this type of pain? My mum is all ready to take me to A&E but I don't feel like this is an emergency, even though the pain is quite bad when it comes along.

Feeling so so down :(

Before I went back to work I had about 5 days completely pain free and it was amazing. I felt great and I hadn't been pain free in such a long time. And now I have a different sort of pain.

It's never ending :(

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Just see how you fell but don't let it get to bad !!!!!

I got pain down there right this Minuit and it does fill like a sharp stabbing

Mine was so bad again today I could not walk around the shops

I get the same pain in the inside of my leg too,

I think it's going to be along night 😪

X take care x

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I have experienced something like that. Remember having it after a laparoscopy as well. I was really worried but thankfully it went away by itself.

If you are concerned ring the hospital where you had the surgery and ask to speak with someone.

Hope you feel better soon.


I would definitely recommend you go get it checked. Take mum with you for support.

I can't advise if normal as not had coil. But the pill should mask the pain in assuming.

However you only had lap done few weeks ago and it has taken me a month get back to normal. (If there is such a thing)

A second opinion from a&e is best option hun. Hugs xxxx

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Hi, I hope your feeling bit better today, I would ring your consultant or email him, it is possible to be that your body is still in recovery and going back to work is a big deal, your insides will take a little while longer to heal, remember what you have had done, and there are wounds inside,

If you have a sitting job it could be that your putting pressure on your insides, remember to take it easy, and if you need more time off, take it,



Thanks for your message.

I will email my endometriosis nurse today. I don't have as much pain as I did last night but I think maybe of a whole day at work I might when I got home.

And yeah I'm a graphic designer so always at my desk. Which is making my back hurt.

Hopefully after a weekend of rest I will be okay for Monday.


I contacted my endometriosis nurse and I have to book an ultrasound for next week some time.

So so scared, after my last lap in June, by July I was told I need another operation. I don't want the same to happen this time.


Just check with doctor about still taking the pill as the coil is a contraceptive in itself - not sure u should take pill as well!!!!


It was my consultant and endo nurse that told me to continue with the pill. Because they didn't want me having a period for at least 2 months afterwards.


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