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Does the bladder pain feel like a water infection and what can I do to ease the symptoms!

I'm new to this site but have suffered (like most people) with endometriosis for too long (14 years), only got digonises in 2009. I've had a lyprospy which discovered i had it in ten places as well as pinning my overies to my pelivic wall and it is growing through my bowel. They gave me menopase injections to try and stop it growing before the operation but they didn't work and it had started growing new stuff by the time they went in. After the operation to remove some they fitted a coil to see if that would help as the pill and other medication wasn't. After 12 months the coil started to work and I was pain free and period free for 4 months. Sadly pain came back and after several scans and tests they have found I now have blood in my unrin which they think is endo growing on my bladder. I have another Lyprospy in 5 weeks, but the thing I'm struggling with the most at the moment is this feeling of a water infection (but it's not) so doctors can give me anything to ease it.....what can I do...does the endo diet help???...how can I find out more!!....sorry to go on, 1st time I've ever spoken about what is happening to me just try and put brave face on . ...also sorry about the spelling

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I have got my first lap within the next 6 weeks I am sooooo nervous.

I constantly get urine infections they do my head in and nothing seems to help the doctors keep perscribing drugs and I take them but after I finish them a week goes by and its back again, they are so painful and irrtating i cannot cope with them anymore, so maybe mine is also caused by endometriosis and its not actually a water infection it just feels like one.

I have started to take cranberry capsules to see if they help but I am not sure how to ease them I would also love some advice x


Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering so much and I can completely relate. I've been having blood in urine for a while and UTI symptoms but no actual infection for about a year. The only thing I have found that relieves these symptoms is sodium citrate. You can get it from any chemist, it's meant for cystitis (sometimes called Oasis by Canesten). What it does is neutralise the pH of your urine which stops the stinging as your urine becomes less acidic, it also seems to help flush out your system.

It also helps to avoid caffeine and alcohol as they both make the urine acidic.

It doesn't completely cure my symptoms but it makes them much more bearable and I'd definitely say it's worth a try as it's all completely natural, no drugs.

B I would also recommend it to you as when I get actual infections it helps me too. I heard cranberry does nothing really as you have to take it in such high doses for it to be of any use - the part of cranberry that helps is a natural sugar called d-mannose, which stops bacteria sticking to your bladder. You'd probably be better off trying that and it's also entirely natural - if you google it, you'll see how much success some people have with it :)

Hope that helps

Jen x


Hello Vicky

I have the same prob. Had urine infections before I got my endo removed but straight after surgery suffered again. Doc kept giving me antibiotics that didn't work and made me sick. Been going on for over a year and it's got to the point now the bladder pain is worse than the endo pain - just so mentally draining.

I usually feel it coming on tho - a great pressure on my left side into my bladder with shooting pains, then the symptoms of a urine infection kicks in. I take Ibruofen and Paracetamol then drink lots and lots of water (when it gets really bad I take Co-codamol). My pain usually lasts a few hours but it leaves me feeling tired and totally drained, and I can take that pain up to 3 or 4 times in one day. When its really bad it makes me limp, and its worse when I lie down - and sometimes my leg twitches when I lie on my stomach!!!

My local nurse reckons it is 'adhesions' caused by surgery. My consultant has put me on Prostap injections which have helped with the endo pain, but the bladder pain seems to have got worse.

I am waiting for a book of recipes for the endo diet to try and see if this helps. What I have done is kept aware of things I do or eat before I get the pain. Alcohol and fizzy drinks is a big no for me and I have been eating healthier (for the last couple of days the pain does not last as long so I'm hoping I am benefiting from it!). I also find bowel movements sometimes irritates the pain and having the healthier diet helps in that area.

Hope this is helpful and I'll let you know if I benefit from the endo diet.



Hi Vicky ive just had surgery in Nov. unfortunately more to come due to my ureters being encased in an endo mass on my rectum. Because of this i have stents insitu which have given me so much grief in the last 2 months. 4 utis and lots of urethral discomfort. What im leading to is high concentrate cranberry tablets from Holland and Barret. Not cheap but i have got to the stage of being despirado! penny sale at mo so 1 pot at 16.00 , i know exstaushinate,the other 1p. i have found that even tho i still have discomfort from stents they have eased the pain alot which is giving my GP a welcome break im sure :) Hope you find something that works.. all the best xx


Laying here feeling exactly the same. Naproxen not really doing a lot today :(

Also just started Slimming World and am very constipated. The pressure of that is also adding to the agony.

Had a Hysterectomy back in 2008 keeping ovaries. Wish I could just have them removed right now.



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