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Feeling low


Hi girls,

I hope your all well,

I'm feeling very low, I've had the worst weekend, tired shattered and in pain, not overly bad but pain all the same, I've had a argument with my husband,

I've been on the mini pill feanolla/desogestrel for nearly a month, I don't think it's had an impact on pain yet, but seems to be making fell sick every day, very much similar to morning sickness, but most of day, I've lost appetite and feel very low and sad, the doctor has given me citalopram, antidepressants,

I don't know how to get my head around it all. Keep thinking nothing is going to show up on MRI and then they won't do another lap, or if they do, they won't find anything, then I won't know what to do next,


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Hi T I'm on these they really do help . I'm so sorry you're still suffering. Now that you're seeing a specialist I'm sure they will be able to help. Stay strong Hun . Thinking of you.

Hi I take the same mini pill and it took a good 6 months for them to really help.!hope they help you soin

Try to remain positive! It is hard! Good luck with MRI results, keep pushing!xxx

Hi hun, sorry to hear you've had a rough weekend. Don't worry about the argument with hubby, you'll both be fine.

Mri scan will defo show something, I'm waiting on my date for Mri too.

Did you get a letter for this?

I think the waiting in between is the worst! Cos we still have suffer in between dates.

The anti depressants can make you feel nausea for two weeks well they get in your system my friend told me. This could be adding to your loss of appetite.

I was thinking about the mini pill, I think it's a really good idea as it will shrink endo and stop/reduce periods, which has got be a bonus!!

How are you feeling today? Xx

Tboag in reply to Booboo08

Thank you for your reply, I don't get periods, I've had a hysterectomy for Adenomyosis, I got a letter regarding MRI, 23rd of thus month, but got letter today saying the consultant wants to see me on the 23rd April, so I've got to wait 3 months in between, hope you get your date soon, xx

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