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Remove the coil and get the injection/implant or stick it out. Feeling trapped :(

After seeing the gyne last week about the fact I've been bleeding for 3months (even though I've had the mirena coil in for going on 3 years) all they could say was to take the coil out and get the implant/injection also giving me tablets to stop my bleeding for all of 10days if they even work!!

Has any body had anything similar?? I don't really want to get rid of my coil as it's helped me no end with the pain in comparison to what it use to be, but can't live with the bleeding for much longer it's getting me so down.

I have spent this whole week in bed not wanting to move apart from going to work, feeling very trapped and extremely low as I am an outdoor studies student and I am very in to my climbing and kayaking but I just don't have the energy to do anything at the moment.

And very worried about what's going on with the endo, I don't know if it's getting worse or staying the same.

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I had the implant and bled for 6 weeks straight even after I'd had it over a year, it doesn't regulate periods. I've also had a tablet that did stop the bleeding for a week but as soon as I stopped taking it I bled so heavy my mam called nhs direct as she thought I was hemorrhaging. I don't know if it's the same thing but I know what I had wasn't pleasant.

The only thing that's stopped me from having irregular periods is the trinovum pill. Which has hormones that increase every week (I suffer with having dark blood before a period too and this pill has fixed this)

I do still have pain but not as severe. I haven't been formally diagnosed with endometriosis however I have been told it's likely.

However it's worth researching the trinovum pill or even asking about it. It's helped me loads and no other pill has.

Hope you get it sorted

steph x


This is what I'm worried about is that I'll take these tablets for 10days then it will just build up and be worse when I stop :(

And no it's really unpleasant, it's draining me of all my energy! Just wish it would stop! Lol

I will definitely have a look at that and ask my GP about it!

Thank you



Have you considered seeing a specialist? If I were you, try getting referred and they will definitely help. I wouldn't recommend the implant to anyone, I had a lot of problems getting it out and I've found with most people they are ok with it being put in the the process of it coming out proves difficult. I am on contraceptive patches called evra and at the moment they're really good, still getting periods and pain but I have adenomyosis too so it won't fully go. As for contraceptive I dont know, but as for zoladex or prostap I've heard they're excellent but better when used with hrt. Let me know a out the specialist thing and I might be able to suggest some people depending on where you live.

Good luck hun,

Leya xxx


I would like to see a specialist as I went through the Nhs this time rather than private and I just felt like they were so rushed they didn't really bother asking me the important questions just thought oh well she's young she will be okay for a while. I am at uni in Cumbria at the moment but originally from Milton Keynes! Xx


I had the injection and bled for 9 months nonstop so wouldn't recommend it to anyone but I bleed with whatever contraceptive/hormone treatment I've been given. X


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