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Feeling so low

Hi everyone I just needed an outlet I feel so low and don't know what to do, I've got my period this week and in a lot of pain and struggling to take care of my own things but I have worries about my dad he has type 1 diabetes and has had a quad bypass and a below the leg amputation and he has hospital appointments to keep check on these but he has missed the last 3 and is now going to miss another this week I feel I should take him because it's not safe for him to miss them but I don't know if I can manage lifting the wheelchair out of the car etc and my boyfriend doesn't want me to as he knows how I am with my endometriosis and especially this week

I also live almost 90 miles away so I couldn't do them all, my auntie normally goes with him and my uncle drives but they keep arguing so he won't ask them

I don't know what to do everything was okay until they took his hospital transport away too but if I can't do it who will and the stress is causing me more pain I am so worried!

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I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. Aside from your Aunt and Uncle, do you have any other family members or friends who could take your Dad? What about your boyfriend, could he not step in? I hope your situation is resolved soon. Best wishes to you and your Dad.


Hello lovely, sorry you're feeling so low. This condition has me in the doldrums a lot do I know how you feel. Stress is a huge trigger for me too. Can I ask who took his transport away? The nhs? If so that makes me so cross as he cannot be expected to do that alone, in that state. Can you offer to pay for a taxi for him as they will do all the lifting etc. You have a very debilitating illness yourself and can't be expected to take that on too. Hugs hun x


I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this on top of endo. You are a strong person. Big hugs to you. I second the query about your boyfriend helping if he is able. Anne x


Not sure where your dad lives but there are volunteers who do hospital transport for the elderly and disabled. Check out; royalvoluntaryservice.org.u...

Hope you can find some help x


Thank you I found this site a couple of weeks ago and I contacted them to see if they took the person into the hospital and to the department they need but I have not heard back yet and it says it is a first come first served system and I am worried he may not be able to get help back from the hospital

I will contact them again thank you for your help and support x


Thank you so much for your replies it is a great comfort to have so much support, unfortunately my boyfriend works full time and it's shift work, my mum and 2 brothers also have to work it would be great if it could be shared between us but it's not possible another uncle had given my mum and dad a lift in the past but he has a back problem now and has recently had a mini stroke it's a nightmare

I don't have a lot of money myself as I am unable to work and I cannot claim benefits as I live with someone who works and I have to share his car he is worried about money as we need to replace the car this year

It was the nhs who took the transport away he qualified for it for a while and then they decided he didn't it doesn't make any sense even the transport people said that as well

I feel really bad and guilty I guess because even if I took him this time I can't do it every time because I can't always have the car to travel the 90 miles to get to my dad and even when i spend the day there i come home in so much pain and feel so unwell I feel so useless I just don't know x


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