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Feeling low

Hi guys i am new to this, haven't had it confirmed that i do have endometriosis but have bad pelvic pain and stomach cramps, back and leg pain, painful bowel movements, and nausea.

I went to the doctors and told her i thought that's what it was and she has booked me a day 21 blood test because 18 months ago it came back negative and i had a scan around the same time which came back clear when i was trying for a kid with my ex.

I told her i thought a scan doesn't always pick it up and i might need a lap and she just told me that was an old procedure they don't do anymore and continued to make me feel crap by asking if i'd ever been pregnant, if i was taking folic acid etc etc,

I went to the doctors to find out what the problem was, i told her i'm not trying for a kid yet and i just wanted to know if it was something like endo so i could start treating the symptoms and feel better but now i feel like i'm starting more fertility tests when i have only been with my boyfriend a year and we haven't discussed kids yet. Feeling really low and crappy because she didn't listen to me at all and feel like i'll never get to the bottom of this.

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Hi hun

Sorry that your doctor has been like that. I suggest you ask for a second opinion, phone up your doctors practice and make an appt with a different doctor.

My symptoms are similar to yours. I was at my first gyna appt on Monday and I am waiting for a Lap appt being sent out to me so I am unclear why she said it was an old procedure. It is the only way to see if someone has endo.

Only thing I can say is try a different doc.

I hope you get some answers soon :)

Rach xxx


What a stupid GP, I'd go back and see a different one! She obviously didn't listen to you but do not despair as there are good GP's out there ready to listen x


Thanks guys ended up not going into work today because i was so upset and now i feel physically drained. I have been up to the hospital and registered at their surgery and have another doctor's appointment this evening so fingers crossed.


hi hun

How did you get on at your appointment?

Rach xx


Feeling a lot better today after transfering doctors, he listened to me and said endo is possible and gave me some mefanamic acid for the pain and also some tranexamic acid to stop my period being as heavy and i'm just waiting for my appointment with a gynae to come through so finally feel like people are taking me seriously.



Aww thats good that you were listened to! I hope you get your appt with gynae soon :)

Rach xx


Hi guys,

It seems that I'm in the same sort of situation as the lady above, been to the doctors twice in the last two weeks for the crippling pain dizziness nausea etc. The second time the doctor suggested it might be endo but it may also be a rougue cyst. I know I already have polycystic ovaries all 4 of them and 2 wombs, I've already had MRI and ultra sound scans 3 years ago as well as investigation under anesthtic but I think this wasn't a laporsopy as it was just my womb they looked at is a laporoscopy what I should be asking for now?



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