Any suggestions for instant pain relief?

Pain is really bad today, crippling in fact! I am on regular amitriptyline 40mg for pain relief every night, today I have taken 20mg of oramorph, 1g of paracetamol and 400mg of ibuprofen and it hasn't touched it. Got a hot water bottle too! I am open to any suggestions that anyone might have?

Thanks in advance!

Holl xxx

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  • Only other thing I can advise is (if you have one) a tens machine, tried mine for the first time and it helped for a little while!!

    Also a hot bath I find helps!


  • Thank you for replying FeeKate!

    I haven't got one but would you recommend me buying one? I have heard mixed reviews about them.


  • Yes I would!! So handy to have for any most pains you might have!

    I've had mine for years due to back and neck problems, it does offer short term relief and unfortunately not a long term fix, but it defo helps!


  • Thank you, just ordered one. It will be here tomorrow!


  • Red hot shower on belly. Point it on ovary, alternating shower head on each side.

    Relaxes the muscles contracting. I feel this is better than hot water bottle.

    Lying down I find prevents flow which causes me pain. If on period.

    Then once painkillers kick in can stand up/potter about/do tasks

    hugs xxxx

  • What a good idea, might give that ago!!


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