Recommendation for pain relief


Can anyone recommend a painkiller that works?

I have a pain relief appointment with my doctor on Monday.

All the tablets I have tried seem to make the pain worse as they stop me going to the toilet even with the use of lactulose. My left ovary and tube are stuck to my bowel so going to the toilet is unbearable anyway.

Thank you in advance

Vicky xx

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I Use tramadol with paracetamol, works well but Can make u sleep, but depends on the person doesn't me and doesn't bung me up. found co-deine constipated me. Recommend u get Mavacol its Fab for bowel constipation, gentle. Very expensive, get it on prescription if u dont pay them. I cant take normal laxatives at all.

Good luck

Vicky xx

I use tramadol and paracetamol as well, though I get a little high on it so I have to be careful how much I take while I'm working.

I have Naproxen with paracetamol but only 3 days a month, I take it a certain way and it works really well.... you should not take naproxen for more than 3 days a month without doctor guidance as it has downsides is taken more than that x

*if taken more than that

U can gave naproxen for longer than that, im on it 3 times a day and have been for a while x

Thanks everyone. When the doc rings on Monday, I can suggest some options to see what she thinks xxx


I have tried a lot of different painkillers and combinations and I have found that Econac 100g suppositories are amazing during the worst 2-3 days of the month, they are a 24hr version of diclofenac and my gp said they are normally only used in hospital after caesarians etc but I have found that they really work and don't knock me out so I can take them and work. Other than that I use tramadol and paraceatamol when it's really bad, I really don't want to regularly take tramadol though so I take the odd codeine instead but like you everything's stuck together so codeine is not always very helpful!

I wouldn't normally recommend particular medications as everyone's different and I'm no doctor but if your doctor was willing to let you try the Econac 100 suppositories I think it would be worth trying, they have made a huge difference for me and there are times I would have ended up at A&E if I didn't have them. I was skeptical of them to start with as diclofenac tablets do nothing for me except give me a awful headache but this version is brilliant and no headache from them!

Hayls x


I agree with hayls, the only thing that stops my pain in Econac Suppositories. They have made such a difference to me, they gave me one in A&E and since then my GP prescribed them for me, I too would have ended up back at A&E without them! xx

Doc has now prescribed me tramadol and Mefamic acid so fingers crossed.

Thank you to everyone that has replied.

Big hugs to you all xx

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