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Laparoscopy hysterectomy vs abdominal hysterectomy

I wonder if some of the ladies can help I am due for an laparoscopy hysterectomy by dr Andrew Kent and with GA also I have anothe gynea that can do abdominal dr Michael Booker hysterectomy with epidural so soon my iron level is 5 and still bleeding I am scared of sleeping what do you think is best I am so confused kindly help your sister

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Oops I know we are not supposed to mention dr's by name on here so I hope you get this response.

Are you in the Guildford area? I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy and bowel resection last year by Andrew Kent and I can't praise him enough he is a truly amazing surgeon and took a lot of precaution with me and I felt 100% safe with him and I feel fantastic 9 months on. My recovery from laparoscopic surgery was good which had been a concern of mine-I had put off surgery for years thinking I'd need abdominal surgery. I was back at work after 4 weeks

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Thanks so much as all his reviews are old ones I wanted a newer one , thanks I am going to him from London staying there for 2days hope I will be able to say the same also

Have you heard of anaesthesist G dhound ?


I'm sure you will feel confident in him, he is great. No not heard of that anaesthetist and can't remember the name of the man I had but he too was very good. I had a spinal block prior to the general anaesthetic to help with pain relief after. Not sure how good that was as was in huge pain in recovery and had full use of legs, but they quickly relieved the pain. Not sure how long spirals last my I was in surgery a very long time

Hope this helps please feel free to ask more if needed. Good luck


Hi yes I had my TAH 12 days post op now I am really glad I had it done I couldn't have the key hole done because of my pelvic floor the doc said I haven't had any vaginal delivery done before only c/s 4 times so he doesn't want to weaken it so it's best total abdominal I will say it's the best thing I have ever done the pain management was fabulous also , I am free indeed my only concern is my belly is like a 6 mths pregnancy and the wind is horrible always trapped the only thing that helps is glycerol suppositories


Thanks so much I have had it done now by my previous gynea I was bleeding too much so he had to control the bleeding with iv tranexamic acid 8hrs each and operated immediately after I am doing well 5 day post op total abdominal hysterectomy I can stand my only problem is continuous wind also my tummy pulling on the bikini line should I use a Girdle ?


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