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Anyone had a total abdominal hysterectomy please

Hi all

I'm due for total hysterectomy in next couple of months everything is going including tubes and ovaries what I would like is some honest reviews if possible please, I have been made aware of time scales pain etc but are they realistic I'm really nervous for the op so would like to go in with eyes wide open thanks you

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Hi, I am due exactly the same in two weeks time and I am so scared. I feel so unsupported - I am a single mum and have hearing difficulties. I asked my GP what support he can offer me and his reply was "none - we do not offer anything". Charming. I do not know anyone who has had the same surgery due to endometriosis. I hope you get some replies.



Hi there

I had this operation to treat what I was assured was a large ovarian cyst...it turned out to be a borderline tumour ,plus there were some pre cancer parts and significant xenophobia in the endometrium....so there is a very high probability that Iight not be here if I had not had it.

This is a big operation ,but is more than doable. For a few weeks you won't be able to do much , but after that things get a lot better. I had a large misline incision, so recovery from.lap surgery if that is what you are having is easier.

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful and freeing it is to be rid of all these female issues.

You will be fine ,honestly.

Good luck x


Morning ladies.I had the total Hysterectomy nearly 6 years ago after years of undiagnosed misery! Was losing blood like there was no tomorrow and don't get me started on the pain 😢After the op was told I had stage 4 severe Endometriosis and that I was lucky to be here..another 2 months and it might have been a different story.There was hardly anything left of my right ovary,my bowel was stuck and there was lots of the horrible disease everywhere! Went straight into the hot sweats and couldn't do an awful lot for the 1st 2 weeks but after a while it does get easier.I had a problem's going to the loo for about 8 weeks after so had to take some stuff from the docs to help with this.

But everyone's case is different and I couldn't have carried on without this being done!

Unfortunately for me my symptoms have returned which is quite bizarre as i have nothing left but apparently it happens now and again which is a bit of a nuisance but like I say we are all different.

Good luck with everything x


Hi I have just had total hysterectomy so I do know what your going to go through, please listen to everything they say, it's a major op and yes a very painful one. I had my first day back in work yesterday after twelve weeks off and I am already getting pains, just put your feet up and do as little as possible x


Hi. I am due to have a total hysterectomy (via laparoscopy, so vaginal removal) in the next couple of months, critical bed crisis not withstanding, so fingers crossed.

I am daunted, however, I like so many others, have experienced horrendous periods for years (combined with back issues) and eventually pushed for gynaelogical consultation in 2014. I underwent 6 months of observation as I had ovarian cysts which were not dispersing. They then found a polyp which needed removal, so I went in for an exploratory laparoscopy.

On awakening from the op I had no pain, and wondered if this was through good anaesthetic pain relief. However, I was informed that they had found that I had grade 4 endometriosis, which bizarrely, only appeared around my ovaries and fallopian tubes. My surgeon had worked extensively to remove what he could, bar scar tissue.

For 15 months I was bril, to the point that I can say the operation changed my life.

Last June I started to experience symptoms linked to ovarian cysts and my GP referred me asap to a specialist gynaecologist in endometriosis.

They have found that I have endometriomas in my ovaries which indicated that my endometriosis had returned. I was informed that I had secondary endometriosis of my uterus and having discussed my options, a total hysterectomy appears to be the best one for me.

My consultant advised me to join this website and another on Hysterectomy, which I have found so helpful.

I am currently working on my physical fitness in the gym, further to weight loss to try and get a stone off before my op.

I am trying to remain focused on a positive outcome from my op. I am not a patient, patient!

I will not be having HRT after my op, (I have been told that endometriosis feeds on oestrogen, further to a family history of breast cancer). This more than anything, in my recovery, is causing me to gulp, as I am unsure how I will be affected by immediate menopause ( I am already going through this, so hopefully wont be too shocked).

Anyway, I wish all ladies the very best of everything in their operations, recovery and future health.

Big girl knickers at the ready xx

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I had this (TAH) and Oopherectomy (both) in 2004; took me about 4-6 months to fully recover and didn't need anything from around October 2005 to mid 2011. My pain has returned however, from about 2012/2013 onwards and is almost as bad as it was before the surgeries. I would not undo it however as I had a lovely few years without any symptoms whatsoever and not all who have the TAH are unlucky to see endo return....we are all different..!

Let us put it this way, if I could turn back time, I would do it again...

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