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Abdominal or laproscopic hysterectomy?

I have been offered a hysterectomy. I have been given the option of abdominal or laproscopic. I have been told I have a mild form of endo and also fybroids. The pain in my lower back and abdominal is constant and I am hoping that by removing everything including my ovaries that this will put an end to the discomfort. I am 47. Does anyone have any advice they can offer from their experiences?

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Always go with the lap if able to. The abdominal one is where they cut your muscles, think c-section. With the lap, they cut 3-4 tiny slits in you and it makes for faster, easier healing.


Have you read around the site? From the reading ive done, I don't think having this done will be the end of your pain. If I were you, I would do some research into how you can reduce your pain/symptoms without surgery. O have been reading good things about Serrapeptase and Tumeric. I myself have started these only a month ago.


I had a total hysterectomy by abdominal incision. This was before the advent of laporoscopy/keyhole surgery. I had no pain after, apart from wind which is to be expected. The stomach muscles are cut, so you are left with loose skin that no amount of exercise will get rid of.

If the surgeon feels laparoscopy is possible then I would go for that. You will feel so much better when the fibroids have gone and the endometriosis tissue has been removed. If your ovaries are removed that will put an end to your endometriosis.

Please don't believe all you read about other cures. If they worked doctors would recommend them.

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Thank you. I was beginning to worry that its pointless going through a hysterectomy if there will be no relief from the pain.


I wish you well and hope you get relief from your pain.


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