Lap & hysteroscopy

Hi all..

I'm due next Thursday (14th), for my op. I'm having a lap & hysteroscopy. According to pre-op I'm having laser treatment too? I'm obviously feeling very nervous, as it is my first op too. I've had another infection for the past 2 weeks aswell. Can continuous infections be related to Endo?

I understand everyone is different, but how long should I expect to be in recovery for? And also would they give me a sick note for work?

Sorry for all the questions!

Ellis xx


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5 Replies

  • Hi Ellis,

    Good luck for your op next week! Laser treatment is to laser out the endo which they may find.

    General recovery is 6 weeks, definitely take it easy in the first 3, rest a lot and don't do heavy lifting. I made this mistake and my recovery took a lot longer.

    Ask about the sick note, not sure whether it is the hospital or doctors who write it.

    Best wishes xx

  • Hi, the hospital gave me my sick note but i had to ask for it they were only going to give me a week but i asked for two. I actually felt as though i could have gone back to work after 8 days or so im now 4 weeks post op and feel normal, hope all goes well x

  • Hi Ellis,

    I had a lap and hystroscopy on the 16th December, I just asked for a sick note when going through consent forms before surgery. I was signed off for 6 weeks post op recovery. I have 2 and 1/2 weeks left and I am glad I was signed off for so long. I find I get tired really easy. So just having the time to rest and let my body recover has been really useful.

    Good luck


  • Oh wow 6 weeks?! My work think I'll be back real soon. I'm not going to rush until I'm 100% better x

  • My work thinks I'll be back in a couple of days. I suppose it all depends on how your body copes with it all.

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