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Life after lap

had my first lap with excision on 30th November and have been constantly ill since. Has anyone else experienced this or should I be worried? I'm now in bed for the fourth time since my op in 5 weeks with flu (which is the second time Having flu since my op). Feel like my body is failing me. Was so looking forward to life after the op and feeling better but can't seem to get back to my old self. Any advice appreciated :)

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Hi :) I had a laparoscopy and cyst removal on 23rd November and am still not 100%, I'm still having pain in my ovaries and through my scars and also exhausted and emotional all the time! Doctors say it won't take long to recover from but most people I've spoken to its taken them 4-6 weeks to start feeling a lot better.

Just look after yourself and don't stress :) you will get better in your own time, do things that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Get well soon!


Thank you :)


Hi, I had my 1st lap 29/9/15 and still not 100%, the worst of it went away within 7 weeks, but now every morning and every night I feel terrible, cry myself to sleep with the pain and nausea. It cant be normal ;( always have to lay down and have no energy. I also feel like my body is failing me!

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Sorry to hear that :( I really hope we both start feeling better soon!


Me too that's exactly how. Feel. And I am just concerned that I want be able to go back to work. This recovery process is taken longer than I thought being young. I'm in my 4 week now and need to go back to the doctor because I'm not nearly ready for work.


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