Hi everyone, I am suffering from severe endometriosis and its been 6 months since my surgery to get rid of it. Unfortunately it did not help and started to feel worse. My gynaecologist has decided to prescribe me prostap injections. The problem is I have no idea what to expect and I have tried so many different types of the pill, the mirena coil isn't helping much like my painkillers. So please if you have tried prostap or are taking it could you please tell me what you have experienced with it? Thank you and hope you are having a good day xxx

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  • It worked brilliantly for me, my 4 months on it were the best I'd felt in years. Everyone will react slightly differently but I have nothing but good things to say about it X

  • How did you feel once off it? Did you return to as you was before

  • That's great!! Fingers crossed ill be the same x

  • I was offered it and worried that it was just a quick fix for a short time, I didn't really get the idea of it, I get what it does and that it can help whilst on it, but after that what then, personally I would get referred to a BSGE specialist centre, and have a specialist endo surgeon have a look at you, if you are with a genral gyne, it's very possible that he has missed some of your endo, a specialist skilled surgeon has to complete a 2 year excision course,


  • Thanks for that. Well my gyno specialises in endometriosis and suggested this, so I think I may give it a shot and see how it goes

  • It's the only thing that has let me have a life!

  • Wow that makes me feel better about taking the injections!

  • I have been taking Prostap for only 2 months now, similar to you I had surgery to remove the endo but haven't felt any better for having the operation. I have only been taking Prostap for 2 months now, it hasn't really helped the pain massively (maybe I haven't given it long enough to work) and I have suffered with a few night sweats, headaches and mood swings but nothing over the top. From reading other people's reviews I think that majority have an overall good experience with Prostap so it's always worth a try - you can stop the treatment if it doesn't work for you :)

    Good luck


  • Thanks so much! My fingers are crossed that you start feeling better asap! Yh I've heard mixed reviews so far :/ I'll let you know how it goes . Good luck to you too Xx

  • Thank you, I am seeing my gyne on Thursday so will see what he says... i'll pass on any info / advice to you in case it may be of help xx

  • That'd be great thanks!!

  • Hi, so I saw my gyne today and as I thought he said I haven't given the Prostap long enough to work to really feel the benefit. So I have to keep having the monthly injections but he has given me some HRT tablets to help with the headaches / grumpy moods, so it might be worth asking your doctor about that too :)


  • That's great! Thank you and good luck I hope it helps!! X

  • Thank you :) Good luck to you too x

  • Hi,i done a surgery last month to rid myself of endometriosis but unfortunately all couldnt be reached as some were too close to my rectum...

    The injections, I took then every four weeks and sincerely felt a bit relieved of pain.

    On the down side i had headaches,serious hot flashes at night and loss of appetite.It might be different for yourself.

  • Thank you for responding, do you find the pain from the side effects worth it? Does it balance out? Hope you feel better asap Xx

  • Ild rather have the side effects than the pain it's so worth it as its only at night for the hot flashes and for my head I could take paracetamol.With the endo absolutely nothing was even dampening the pain with all the cocktails of killers I mixed.Hopefully we fellow suffers would push on & life for goodness sake please be kind!.

  • That's great! I totally agree the suffering needs to stop! That sounds great I feel better trying the injections now thanks xxx

  • I should warn you that it could get a lot worse before it gets better.

    The first two months for me were absolutely unbearable at times and I ended up scouring the internet for other people's experiences. It was someone on another endo site that encouraged me to stick with it and said that after the third injection I'd never look back - she was right!!

    You'll almost certainly get a 'flare' in which your body tries to fight back against the medication, during which your symptoms might get very acute. Suddenly everything will hopefully) shut off and that should be that.

  • Thanks for replying. I'll try to gear myself up for that! Hopefully I can stick with it and come out the better side like you xxx

  • No worries - good luck with it. If you have any other queries just drop me a line.

  • I'm going on my 4th surgery. Last surgery I had was in 2007. I asked my doctor to put me on the pill after surgery, though some like to wait to c if the surgery was successful and won't put u on anything. I suffered in so much pain for over 20 yrs I demanded to b put on a low dose pill. I believe it was Ovcon 777. It was very high progesterone and super low estrogen. I came off the pill 7 months ago went to a hormone specialist to get on natural progesterone as i had a hysterectomy when i was 30. I told this dumb ass I can't have estrogen and I don't want progesterone. She wldnt listen and gave me estrogen mixed with testosterone and progesterone in a creme form. After 3 mths my endo came back full force. I have pain in my rectum and bladder. I can hardly sleep at night. I'm going to a cancer center on the 30th. I wish I wld have stayed on that damn pill but maybe its best that now I can go to a center where docs that look for cancer will b more meticulous in finding endo. I've been in so much pain for so long it makes me suicidal. This is my last hope. I wish my doc wld have referred me to these ppl to begin with since the surgery he did on me was so complicated. He hasn't even been giving me pelvic exams when i.get pap smears. I'm trying to find another doctor. Never wld have thought to go to a cancer center for endo but its worth a shot. Most gynos can't handle endo

  • Sorry I didn't mean to say i didn't want progesterone. I meant testosterone.

  • Hiya, first I'm sending you a massive cyber hug and kiss xx. I know it's hard and doctors and nurses come in such a mixed pot that it's a lucky draw to get a halfway decent one! Well you know what you do whatever you need to do!! If that means cancer centre then you do that and don't let them ignore you!! I know its easier said than done but trust me I've gone through the shortest experiences too that's had knocked ons affecting my health too. The good news is you have a game plan, yes its hard, yes it sucks and is extremely unfair but you got this! You can do it I believe in you!! I've had moments where I've thought what's the point of life on all this pain but we cannot give up because then that means we've let the endo win and that will not do. We are strong and you are stronger than you know!! Here's a hug again message me whenever you feel down I'm here for you xxx

  • Thank u I really appreciate it as I have no family or husband for emotional support. I havent had sex forever I'm in so much pain but no one cares. All mist guys want is sex anyway they don't really care about u as I've learned. I just want my education which I've had to drop out of school for the 4th time. I'm working on a nursing degree but sont know if I'll ever get there. My life is dictates right now by having bowel movements. If I have one I get some relief if i don't I'm in severe pain. I have to b approved by a colorectal doc on Dec 30 to c a gynocologist in the practice. If shw doesn't I will die as she does colonoscopys and I don't want that first. They nees to find this nodule and the only way they can is through a laparoscopy. Thanks for ur support.

  • No problem, I'm here don't forget! I totally get it. We are all in the same place we have to support each other because like you Saud no one else understands! Big hug message me if you need a chat or anything!! Xx

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