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I had my first lap in October where Endo was removed. I was in pain from the surgery for a few weeks, started to feel a lot better then around Christmas the pain came back and its got worse since (although the pain is not as bad as before my operation). My surgeon wants to try me on Prostap and possibly HRT alongside if needed. Has anyone tried this? Did it help? What problems did you get? Any advise would be helpful, I'm 27, not trying for children and unsure on what to do.

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  • Prostap really is fab. Not gonna say it's stopped my pain but it's made it bearable. There's some horrible symptoms that come with the prostap but I don't think it's as bad as endo flares. If you're unsure ask for the month one as a trial before they do the six month one.

  • Thank you. Did you take HRT? Could that have helped with the symptoms or are they symptoms you just have to deal with?

  • Personally no because I have problems with blood clots. But I know people who are on the prostap and do take hrt, so do look into it.

    I'd rather have the prostap symptoms than endo flares though

  • Hi, I have been put on prostap and have been. On it since November. The 1st 2 months were great. Had a slight bleed in first month but not had a bleed since. This month I have had a few pains but still not as bad as it previously was so it's bearable. I'm also on hrt cause the night sweats and day sweats were awful. They have had to change my hrt to something else which seems to be working better for me at the minute as not having as many sweats. My bones are slightly weaker than they were before but again that's a side effect. I can honestly say it's the best move I made but unfrotuanlty it's not a long term thing it's a only a 6month treatment and then they will decide with me what they want to do. Looking at a full hysterectomy but I'm happy with that as I have my family and I'm nearly 33. You could Wales try it and if it doesn't agree with you you can always stop it at any time. Hope everything goes well for you x

  • Thank you for your reply. It is something I'm considering - just not at an ideal time as I'm doing my teacher training now and I would prefer to be in the pain I am then if it gets worse. Do the doctors give HRT quite easily with prostap or is it a bit of a fight? Just wouldn't want sweats at school and have to struggle getting HRT to control them. Do you know the long lasting effects of prostap? I'm 27 and haven't got any children, not sure if it would affect it in the long run

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