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Adenomyosis / endo & prostap

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with suspected adenomyosis. I have endometriosis too.

This year I have had two laps for endo and adhesions and an ovary removed.

To try and treat the burning pain that feels like my abdomen / womb is on fire nearly everyday we have decided to try a six month course of prostap.

I have had prostap and zoladex on many occasions years ago to treat my endo so I know what to expect with it but I have not been on it whilst suffering the adeno symptoms.

Please can anybody who has been on prostap for adeno tell me their experiences and an idea of how long before it took to kick in.

Thank you x

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I'm on prostrap for same reasons and I've had my second injection last week I have started with side affects but still getting pains as if I'm due on all the time. So I'm hoping it will kick in soon and side affects stop hope u have a better time than I'm having x

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Thanks for the reply Gemx85x. Sounds like I am being too optimistic hoping for a quick kick in with it?

Are you taking hrt with it? x


I did start on them but had to stop coz the side affects off them where worse but going to have to try them again coz I'm struggling with the injection side affects even more now they've kicked in worse now and not really as everyone is different I just hope u don't end up feeling like me coz if it carries on I think I'm going to end up on anti drepression tablets coz I feel that down


I am sorry to hear how bad things are on it for you. Can you not speak to your consultant and try something else to see if it helps? x


Hello, I have been on zoladex for the same reasons. I felt worse for a while and found the side effects hard but gradually the pain started getting slightly better. I find that some weeks are better than others but I feel better now than I have done in years. I've just had month 5's injection and I'd say I started noticing a difference at the end of month 2. It has been gradual though, I didn't wake up and notice a huge difference straight away but now after a few months I am almost pain free. Hope this helps you :)

Sylvia xxx


Thanks Sylvia. I think I definitely need to get it into my head I am not going to be better after a week of taking it!

That's great to hear that you are almost pain free though - I hope I get the same relief as you x


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