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I finally had post-surgery consultation!

Following on from my 1st laparoscopy in August, I had a post-op appt yesterday and I was told I need another surgery in the new year.

I was shown the pictures of my inside and I felt really bad for thinking the surgeons didn't do a good job the 1st time as my tubes, ovaries and bowel look all tucked in together.

The next surgery I am told is a major and will take between 4-6 hours and what scared me is when I was told about a possibility of colostomy should my bowel be punctured.

Has anyone done this sort of lap and not had their bowel punctured? Also if you had your bowel punctured, how was the stoma bag?

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Yes! And I went through months of 'worrying about the bag'! I had two surgeries with risk of colostomy as they were operating on/near the bowel. It is really frightening, the first thing I did after both surgeries was feel around my stomach searching to see how the surgery had gone. I think it's important to remember that the risk of you having any colostomy is relatively low and that if you do have to have one it will most likely only be temporary. If there's any risk at all they have to inform you about it. I know it isn't easy and you can get very anxious about it, but the surgeon will do everything they can to prevent you having to have a bag. There should be a stoma nurse about to chat to for reassurance/help when you're in hospital. X


Thanks that's comforting x


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