I had surgery yesterday

I had surgery yesterday

Thought I'd let you guys know how my surgery went yesterday, just in case anyone was interested!

So first surprise was that it was only Stage 1 endo, my surgeon suspected it was deep and infiltrating so bit of a shock, but I guess I nice shock. Although it does make me feel a bit bad that maybe I've been a sook recently as its only stage 1, which I know is silly as the level of pain doesn't directly relate to the stage of the disease.

Also he didn't find any endo on the utero-sacral ligament which I'm a teensy bit disappointed by as lower back pain has been one my main symptoms. I guess I'll have to see how my back is over the next few months.

He did find lots of adhesions (he thinks caused by endo). Apparently my bowel was doing a 'loop the loop' and was massively attached to my pelvic/abdominal wall. So to all the doctors who told me I had IBS over the last few years and that it was all pyschological and in my head.....well they can go f@*k themselves :D :D haha.

Also endo adhesions all over one of my ovaries and a fibroid by my womb as well. And that was it.

It wasn't half as scary or bad as I thought it would be. The nurses were lovely, one held my hand when I went under cause I was scared of the anaesthetic :) But it was actually awesome. I think my last slurred words were 'this is good stuff' :)

This site has been awesome with advice for surgery which I have followed, took pillows with me, bottle of water, extra strong mints have been useful too. So thanks for everyone for all their advice. feeling pretty good now apart from the fact they didnt send me home with any decent drugs :( just ibuprofen and mild co-codamol.

Sorry for the long post, just thought it might help anyone waiting to have surgery. Its really not that bad, the worst part for me, was all the worrying before hand. Right off to make a cup of peppermint tea now. Much love everyone xx

P.S. Photo is me this morning stopping at a service station on the way home in my sexy DVT stockings

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haha! Your post made me laugh. Not your Endo just your wording. Glad that you seem to be in a positive place, hope the op has given you long term relief xx

I've had 3 hours sleep, and think I wrote this post still under the influence of the pain meds they gave me :D Talk to me tomorrow and I'll be back to being a grump. Maybe... Also just discovered that coughing the day after surgery is not fun!

Check you out working the socks and sandles look! 😉 Glad all went well yesterday. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Cheers bud. Started to feel a bit worse now. That belly button wound is a bit painful but got my sister-in-law dropping round in half an hour with a couple of tramadol for me. Sssshhhh...don't tell my doctor ;) :D

Yeah mine took a week to feel back to my normal painful fatigued self!!! Get on the fibogel too, the anesthetic can really cause havoc with not being able to go to the loo. Go easy enjoy the tramadol train x

Is fibogel like movical...its a stool softener yeah? I've had some today, but not umm..you know 'gone' yet. I am a bit scared to, I'll admit that. I'll be on the tramdol train soon - destination Sleepy Town :)

Yes it is. Keep on it. Being constipated with surgical wounds is the pits x

aye captain I will :) think the tramadol may be starting to kick in now :)

Glad it all went well, can I ask did you have your surgery In a bsge specialist centre,?

Remember that recovery takes time, so take it easy for a few weeks, and the tramodol might take the pain away, but your wounds are still healing.


Not in a bsge centre but the surgeon is one of the two top guys at the BSGE centre. Only reason is the BSGE centre was a 9 month wait, and the same surgeon would have been doing the surgery anyway so I paid privately. (well technically my mum did) The tramadol isnt even that good! I think co-codamol affects me way more. I'm just taking the tramadol at night just before i sleep and taking ibuprofen during the day. Feel really tired, having lots of naps and the belly button pain is less sharp today which is nice :)

That's great, I hope you gave a speady recovery x

Cheers bud :)

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