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Finally got my lap date!

I've been suffering from excruciating period pain since I was 12 (I'm now 21), I've been on various different contraceptives but after being rushed into hospital with a ruptured ovarian cyst in April last year my periods have got so much worse! I've got in with a gynae consultant at the hospital who thinks it's endometriosis, and after an ultrasound confirmed that I have a retroverted uterus and a uterine septum. She's booked me in for a laprascopy and a hysteroscopy to remove the septum. I've decided to have the mirena coil fitted while I'm order to see if that helps with my period pain (Currently on cerezette) as the pain is ridiculous, I've been bleeding for 3 weeks now (with about 10 days break) and the pains awful! My lap/hysteroscopy is 1st March but at least I finally have a date! Has anyone else had a mirena fitted with a retroverted uterus! I'll be under while they do it but it's the removal that worries me! And has anyone had a septum removed, did it help with bleeding/pain? Xxx

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Hello! I just had the mirena coil fitted during my recent laparoscopy. I'm also scared for the removal haha as I was under when they put it. So far it's not too bad I've had it in for a week now and it's caused me period pains but they don't last long and I think it's just my body getting used to it. I've also had some spotting. Good luck for your procedure! xx


That doesn't sound too bad! Are your pains better with the mirena or worse? I know it must be hard to tell as you've only just had it in! I've got a few months to wait until my procedures! Xx


Well it's super early days so if you remember ask me in like a month and I can tell you properly once my body has adjusted or I'll try and remember! So far I don't know if it's actually the cool causing the pains or the fact I had a laparoscopy. So far the pains I've had have been worse and have travelled to my legs which they didn't before and I've had quite a lot of spotting. However the pain doesn't last nearly as long. Although definitely ask again in a month as I'm sure it's just my womb recuperating from the surgery alongside getting used to the coil xx


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