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Coil removal - sedation/general

Morning everyone

I went to the GP yesterday to have my Mirena removed as I've had constant bleeding for the 7 months I've had it.

Unfortunately due to my womb being retroverted and struggling with the pain of the speculum my GP wasn't able to remove it. I need to go to hospital for it removed either with sedation or a general anaesthetic.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, does anyone else struggle with the speculum causing pain? It wasn't a little discomfort, it was very painful xx

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Hi yes I get severe pain during pain using speculum, I avoid smear tests as i cannot bear the pain no matter how relaxed I try to be the pain is awful for me. I had my mirena inserted at the time of lap which was lucky as there was no way I could of done this under normal insertion.


I do. This time around (since August 2026) I asked for mine to replaced in day surgery and was refused, and told to go to the family planning clinic. That was December. The doctor there said she couldn't​ find my Mirena, so I was referred for an ultrasound in Jan, which showed the Mirena was still in place. I was then referred to the specialist GP to remove and replace it at my local surgery and she was so rough I was in agony and she referred me to another specialist GP centre but as I'd have to wait another month I've decided to pay and have it sorted, in a private clinic.

That will be on Monday evening so i hope it's straightforward otherwise i with need a hysteroscopy so they can remove and replace it.

It's been a bloody nightmare. Wish I'd gone private last year.


That should have said August 2016.

My first one was put in at a private clinic but that consultant gave me a prescription for a pessary to soften my cervix prior to treatment​ which really helped and i was able to drive home afterwards​ and back at work the next day. The second was put in after I had a colposcopy under a GA in day surgery. Again, I was back at work the next day.

This time has been a bloody nightmare trying to get it sorted.


Really wish I hadn't had mine. I wanted to give it a try on the basis that if it didn't agree with me I could easily have it removed. With my retroverted womb and pain with the speculum it's not turning out to be so easy. Hopefully at hospital it will be straightforward enough xxx


Same thing happened to me. I had to get it removed in OR. I only had it in for a week. It was horrible! Don't know if it was sitting in a endometrial implant.


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