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Can you ask for a local anaesthetic for inserting a Mirena? Has anyone ever asked?

I have to have Mirena fitted in a couple of weeks and am dreading it. It will be done at the consultant's clinic using ultrasound to check it's in properly. The last one 'disappeared' which now explains why I was feeling so awful and bleeding so much for the last few months. Seems it probably came out without me realising! The one before that was so lodged into my messed up uterus that it could barely be seen on ultra sound and then took ages to remove by hysteroscopy while I was under general anaesthetic. So even though the Mirena really helps to keep me going I haven't had the best of experiences putting them in or getting them out.

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Yes! I was scheduled to have Mirena fitted, and admitted for day surgery. I was told by pre-op I was going to have local, so could eat, etc. Then when I turned up they said (and I think because I hadn't had kids), I was going under general :oO! Anyway, they ended up doing a laparoscopy instead as I asked how can you give me that when nothing has been diagnosed! So, yes ask for it, and good luck.



Yes you can!

Especially as it seems your doctors will have seen you before and know how painful it is for you.

I had one put in and even as the speculum was being inserted he could see how painful that was so he offered pain relief.

Good luck, let's hope this on stays in for you xx



As you are having the Mirena fitted by a consultant gynaecologist, they should be able to inject some local anaesthetic into the cervix. GPs generally cannot do this, which is why they advise a couple of ibuprofen.

The "stem" of the t-shaped coil contains material that should make it visible under ultrasound. You should also be shown how to check for the threads.

Hope it works out for you this time.


Yes, I had mine put in under local in the day surgery unit. My own gynae did it with a nurse standing by because I haven't had children so it was a bit ouchy (but really only a bit, for a very short time). And they let hubby into the theatre to sit beside me and hold my hand :)

Good luck, and I hope it goes well for you this time x


Hi, just to add my story.i told my consultant how sore it could be down there and I was worried about the pain so he offered me a local anaesthetic. Unfortunately The anaesthetic was inserted into my cervix which was pretty horrid, thankfully I had hubby's hand to hold. That was the worst part. I did t feel any pain from the insertion until later on. I also haven't had any children so my consultant wanted to fit it himself. If you are worried about the pain I would definitely mention having a local, I'm sure your consultant will be happy to oblige. Good luck with it.


sorry to say that i was awake when they did this as the GP done this to me and it was in agony and i did not know after that need to take 2 paracetamols before having it done... it was the worse thing i ever had and never again but gutted that it didnt work on me... i was in so much pain... i wanted to be under to do this... but i am sure you will be ok and good luck...

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Thank you all so much for your answers and support. I feel much happier about asking for anaesthetic g as I don't think ordinary painkillers are enough for us ladies. It's so great to get direct straight answers from this site. We all have so much hare.experience and knowledge to share. Hugs to all


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