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Retroverted Uterus and mirena coil??? Help

Has anyone had a mirena coil fitted with a retro verted uterus? I've been told to go to a specialist to have it done as it's more complicated just a bit worried about the pain? I've been told I can request a local anesthetic? I sound like a whimp but with my endo smear tests absolutely kill and I'm thinking having the coil fitted is going to be even worse advice is more than welcome thanks all xx

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Yes i have. I also had a mirena fitted at my GP surgery last Wednesday.

I did a bit of reserch and found that having a local anaestic into the cervix is more painful then having the mirena put in.

So I decided not to ask for an anaestic but an hour before I took my usual pain medicines.

It was a little more difficult to put in and I was asked to put a pillow under my bum. (Very glamours!)

It was painful but it's over very quickly. I have to say the the lady who put it in was amazing and so was the nurse who was holding my hand and distracting me with good conversation.

I also have adenomyosis and I have experienced some cramping and back pain since. But I've had no bleeding whats so ever!

Good luck to you.



Thanks your comments really help


Mine was fitted in to a retroverted bicornuate uterus in one side of it. But that was done under a general anaesthetic.

You might find it easier to have entonox (gas and air) rather than a local anaesthetic injection down below. I had entonox and strong pain killers to help with my last smear test but even with that help it was still an excutiatingly painful business.

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Snap, had coil fitted and was a little unconfortable but Docitor and nurse were very good. Had some discomfort for about a week but settled after a couple of weeks, a year later still have coil and have ompletely stopped bleeding but didn't help with endo pain for me.


I have a retroverted uterus, and didn't have much pain at all with the Mirena insertion. Then again, I've birthed 4 kids, so maybe that made it easier to get in...? No bleeding either, if except for light spotting. Still get a period though, 2 years in, but very light. My endo is staying stable, but I do have annoying (hormones go wacky), sometimes painful cysts/folicles popping up on my ovaries...


I was asked if I wanted the coil but I said no because I have a retroflexed uterus which would make it excruciating. I have actually been advised since to not have it done because int womb is too small and the cervix faces the wrong way. Its up to you whether to have it or not but I dont think its worth the pain if I'm honest.

Good luck either way,

Leya :) xx


I had my coil fitted when I had my Laparoscopy in November 2013. I thought after my Lap& Coil I would feel better and I would be active again and my heavy, clotted periods would stop. For the first few days whilst recuperating from the Lap & Coil I felt fine. But as soon as I started moving I felt pain, at first I put it down to the scar tissue from surgery but the pain wasn’t the same as pre-op.

I bled constantly for 3 months and suffered bad back ache after walking. After one particularly severe pain episode the intensity of which I can only liken to childbirth, combined with a temperature above 38o C then the bleeding suddenly stopped.

I returned to fulltime work after the Lap & Coil and as I sit for long periods at a desk/on flights –my abdomen just aches deep inside and this radiates across my abdomen from top to bottom. This is very different from the pain I felt before the Lap & Coil which was a sharp pain above my groin.

It was only in February I was told I had a retroverted utereus but when I questioned the Consultant Nurse regarding the suitability of the coil with a retroverted utereus I was informed that it would make no difference and if I still had pain I would need either bowel surgery or more hormones that would bring on a medical menopause. However I am not reassured by her lack of explanation and unsympathetic bedside manner and I will be discussing it with the consultant next month. I have researched this on the internet and cannot find much detail.

I currently feel the pain I am experiencing is two fold: endometrial pain from the endo on my bowel but also a different pain radiating from the region of the coil. If I see no improvement by mid-March and I do not receive an adequate explanation from the consultant for the pain I will seriously consider having it removed.

This could just be a worsening of the endo, but I remain to be convinced. I feel I need more understanding of the coil and the retoverted utererus.


Hi, would like to know how your feeling 3 years on? I have a tilted womb and had my mirena coil fitted 5 days ago and in a lot of pain at the moment.


Hi my daughter has had hers in 3 days had a retroverted and retroflexed uterus and had the mirena fitted under general anaesthetic she's in agony. Can anyone help with, will this improve?


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