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4 weeks post laparoscopy feeling awful, please help

Hi all

I am new here and really desperately need some support. I had my first laparoscopy 4 and a half weeks ago which finally diagnosed endo. I suffered for years with excruciating pain, bloating, bowel issues, mood swings, depression...you name it. Been on Prostap with HRT for years which gives a lot of relief but am so angry that nobody felt it necessary to actually have a look. Since the diagnosis nobody in my family seems to think it's a big deal- I keep getting told 'lots of people have it, and you've had the op now'. I feel so down about it all, like my body and me don't really fit.

Anyway, aside from all that I'm also really feeling worse since the lap. I had post-op bladder infections and then had a reaction to the antibiotics that made my bits swell up and spent another 4 nights in hospital. Now I have pain all over my pelvis which I guess I can deal with because they did lots of work, but also sharp pain like a stitch under my ribs on the right side. I can't take a deep breath it's so sore. Dr says it's gastritis but lansoprazole not helping at all, plus I'm exhausted, sleeping all the time, headaches, night sweats... Starting to think I should never have bothered. My stomach is bloated and swollen and none of my trousers fit. Just want to crawl into a hole and hide away. Is any of this normal? What should I do? Feel so lost.

Thanks for reading xx

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You poor thing. Youve really been through the mill!

I am 2 weeks post lap and i dont feel any better either but my consultant said it could take 2 to 3 months. I am trying to focus on this and not worry too much.

I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Kirsty x

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Thanks Kirsty. I wish someone had told me that, then at least you know what to expect. I think because they get you in and out of hospital so fast I thought I should be better sooner. At least I can hide in big jumpers for a while!

Hugs x


That's pretty long to what my doctor said for me, said two weeks and hey I'm all back to picking things up and everything. And hope you are feeling better than what you were feeling when you replied to this post.


Completely understand how you feel.... honestly I do. I can't believe you were allowed to stay on prostap for years! I'm no expert but I didn't think the body could tolerate these drugs for that long? I'm sure someone will reply and off you lots of advice. Look out for a reply from Lindle xx

My family have only just begun to accept how rough its been, I've had so many comments or been ignored very hurtful but finally I think they see that it isn't me being a wimp about period pain.

Good luck & I hope someone helps you SOON xx


Well my gynae said some people worry about it but I'm also on HRT to prevent any problems and the prostap gives me such relief, I'm dreading ever coming off it.

It's so difficult explaining things to family though isn't it? I think especially the tiredness, hate it when people think I'm just being lazy.

Thanks so much for your reply xx

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Hello, sorry to hear what your going through, you poor thing! Can I ask, when you had the op, did they remove your ovaries or was it the endo. I have got my op next week to remove my ovaries and I have said for them to look for endo and remove any trace of it. I was on Prostrap for six months and that was bad enough, don't know how you could have been on it for years! Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon :)


I had a cyst on one ovary that was removed but otherwise kept my ovaries, just removed lots of endo. It's good that you're going to get lots of investigation at the same time just be prepared for the recovery is my only advice! My nurse friend told me to think of it like this - your body is not supposed to have instruments and fingers poking around in there, so it gets a little traumatised by the experience. Take extra care of yourself.

What problems did you have with the prostap? It's not perfect - I have to have HRT and I totally lost my sex drive and can't lose weight etc, - but I can't imagine being without it now. I'm dreading coming off it.

Good luck with everything xx


I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. What did you have done? Do you know where the endo was removed from and how it was done? Its 7 weeks since my op and I have days where I can't wait to feel better again. I was re admitted for 4 days with a kidney infection and then a week later got another infection so I completely understand where you're coming from. I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. Some of what you're describing is normal - I am still bloated and am living in leggings and pjs- not attempting to wear my jeans for a while yet. it will take a while for the pain to settle down, everyone is individual so just try and take your time as frustrating as it is. I had quite high pain in my ribs a few weeks ago and the only thing that eased it was a hot water bottle. I've also tried not to eat anything that bloats me. I would say it takes 3-6 months to fully heal depending on how long and complex your op was. Feel free to msg me if you have any other qu's. Big hugs, I hope you start to feel better. Make sure you go to the doctors if not - I've become quite a regular at my GP surgery over the past few weeks!


Thanks so much, that's reassuring if a little bit frustrating that nobody warned me how long it would take! They removed some adhesions and did some lasering, I don't know exactly how widespread the endo was but it was on my POD which I think means it's quite deep. They also removed an ovarian cyst and did a dye test on my tubes. I'm convinced there's bowel involvement that they didn't bother looking for - I have so many bowel symptoms and the doc just says it's IBS.

Sorry to hear you had infections too - it's awful isn't it? I ended up getting catheterised and recatheterised so many times I was so sore! If it carries on like this I will go back to my GP but I'm sure they think I'm a hypochondriac with all this stuff I keep complaining about!

Hope your recovery carries on getting better, big hugs x


I am really sorry to have to tell you that removing endo by lazer is not a very effective method. You will most likely have symptoms return very quickly. I would urge you to insist that your gp refers you to an accredited endo centre. If your gp is unaware of these you can find your nearest one by looking online at the bsge website. They will be able to also deal with your bowel issues.

Good luck xxx


My sister I definitely feel were you are coming from. I'm in week 5 and feel the same. It's horrible. And especially when you feel like you're not getting the help you need with the limited resources you have.


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