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Post op laparoscopy need advice please


Hi I am day five post op of my laparoscopy. I have adenomyosis as well but he found during surgery a lot of endometriosis which was widespread but I am still in so much pain that’s not easing, is this normal?

It’s not the gas pain it feels like deep muscle pain and tearing feeling when I move.

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did you have any of your endometriosis removed during your surgery?

Moss389 in reply to farahziya

I assume so but we didn’t even think I had endo so it was all new in the surgery

farahziya in reply to Moss389

I had suspected endo and had it all removed in one lap, it's not commonly done that way but if it's severe enough they will remove what they can. Saves a repeat operation in a few months.

They should have discussed with you what had been done after your surgery. The surgeon will summarise findings and what's been done; this gets sent to you GP. You should be able to call your specialists secretary and ask for a copy of the letter, or contact your GP. It'll have all the details in there.

Either way the inside of the abdomen doesn't like being moved around, and when you think of all the stuff that's happened it's no surprise it's all sore. They'll have positioned you into an unnatural position, inserted tools, inflated abdomen, moved instruments around, under and behind all organs, while holding them aside to reach round more, then deflated, and closed incisions. If you've had a few incisions it'll mean some areas were hard to reach or they wanted a better view so quite often more incisions = more recovery time.

although on the outside you may feel recovered, the inside has a lot of healing to do; the organs aren't all that tough there, so they need to recover and reposition, hence sometimes it feels like tugging / pulling / general pain and crampy.

The lap pain should go in time, it can take a few weeks. If you've had endo removed it can take a good few months.

You should have a check up booked in with your specialist or GP, usually at two weeks (just before the sick note runs out) if you don't have one, book it in. This is where they can chat about your post op and any concerns, wound healing, painkillers etc.

Hope that helps x

Moss389 in reply to farahziya

Thank you

After 5 days you will still be healing from the surgery internally as well as the wounds you can see. I still had abdominal and pelvic pain after my lap for around 3 weeks but obviously it differs per person. After 5 days you definitely need to be taking it easy though, rest as much as you can and take it easy, internally can take some time to heal x

I’m in a similar situation over a week post op and getting really fed up.. still can hardly sleep. Hope you are feeling better!

I am in lots of pain still it’s not eased they think I may have an infection due to my temp as it’s still really high but just had my dressings changed and it’s looking good on that side of thing so unbelievably neat. Bleeding from them abit still though. Hope you feel better too xx

Have you had your wbc count taken? That’ll give you a sure answer :) you can still have an infection without your incisions themselves being infected! I’m feeling pretty horrible as well but seeing my dr today!

There taking bloods on Monday, just had my first shower proper shower that was more focused on doing my hair than protecting my stomach and dressing. However i know have this sharp pain on my right side back did you get this at all.

I had a lot of back pain both times. I think it is from the way we have to sleep and sit down so often maybe? I’ve been putting a heat pack on mine

Feel like I am slowly getting there now being two weeks post op but had a localised allergic reaction to one of the dressings yesterday still very red this morning 🤦🏼‍♀️

Oh man :( you just can’t catch a break

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