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I was just wondering if any of you ladies could tell me how soon after a diagnostic laparoscopy can you safely have another diagnostic laparoscopy? I have one surgeon willing to carry out a second diagnostic laparoscopy for me but doesn't hold any faith in finding anything as I had a clear laparoscopy back in February, he has virtually said that they are just carrying it out to shut me up and prove me wrong. The surgeon who originally carried out the laparoscopy back in February has advised me he would not carry out a second one for me as nothing was found in the one he carried out and advises me not to go ahead and have the one done at the other hospital. I have explained that since February my pain has got increasingly worse and my symptoms are more frequent. Really what I'm asking is has anyone on here been through the the same thing and what should I do for best as I am in so much pain daily and it's ruling my life. Also having spoken to Lindle on here I got advised to ask for the full report from the hospital that would have been done after my op to see exactly what had been done and what had been looked at. I contacted the surgeons secretary and she advised me there wasn't any such report and all they have is a very vague discharge note stating I had a full pelvic investigation. Should there be more information than this to actually advise me of exactly what was carried out and where? I know for a fact that I didn't have the examination where they feel at both the front and back passage at the same time for possible nodules causing pain. I feel in complete limbo and am lost as what I should do next, I'm sick of daily pain and don't just want to be handed to the pain clinic because they think it's all in my head and not real. Thanks in advance x

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  • I had a diagnostic lap and second major operation 3 months apart. I hope your second laparoscopy can find the answer you are looking for. I wouldn't dismiss the chronic pain clinic as some people find it to be really beneficial. Pain management can be very complex, to see an expert in this area should help your situation.

    Good luck

  • I wouldn't be dismissing the pain clinic if I hadn't been made to feel that the only reason I've been sent there is because they believe the pain to not have a cause or that it's in my head! Nothing worse than feeling that no one believes you 😣

  • I think in people with chronic pain the nerve endings fire signals continuously even without an immediate cause. You are not making it up. However, the management of chronic pain is different from acute pain due to the nature of the pain. A specialist in this area would be very helpful for your recovery.

    All the best

  • I had 2 within 8 weeks of each other as I wanted a second opinion from a Private BSGE specialist. Endo was found and removed during the first one and by the time I had the second one I was told by the specialist that I have endo on everthing (I have seen the pictures). The second one was only diagnostic, but he did remove a polyp whilst he was in there...

  • Hi Sunmer143, was the extent of the endo not seen during the first Laparoscopy and was the polyp also missed? Are you waiting to have the endo removed that was found during the second lap? Thanks

  • Lindle's fb document is the best guide to a diagnostic lap which suggests there should be a more detailed operative report. If you get a second opinion at a bsge ask them to video the procedure and confirm areas searched. apparently taping it is increasingly common now as it records the extent of the condition .

  • I guess the endo was missed first time around, but it was done by general gynae. The first consultant tried to do a hystetoscopy at the same time but failed as he thought I had a fibroid blocking the neck of my womb, which was the polyp. I am booked in for radical excision of endo and hysterectomy due to ademyosis and fibroids at the beginning of next year. I am having it done at private BSGE centre by the only consultant in the country who does the radical excision. I am fed up with the fatigue i suffer from pretty much all the time as well as pain in my right hand side, constipation and when my bowels do move the agonising pain which renders me useless. As its private I could pretty much book to suit but have just had shoulder and carpal tunnel surgery which has a long recovery time and I want to back to full fitness before what I am being told is about an 8 hour surgery.

  • My first Laparoscopy was carried out by a bsge specialist so this is why I'm so unsure what to do next. My pain has got increasingly worse since I had the laparoscopy carried out in February and I know there is something wrong. I missed my morphine patch the other day and put it on 24hours late as I had run out of them, the pain is had was awful and I can't go back to living like that again! I'm so scared that this is how my life is now going to be! 😦😔


    Have a look at this website from a specialist centre in USA. If you scroll down there is a section on post operative pain. I found this site is very informative.

    Hope this helps

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