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Almost 2 weeks post laparoscopy still in pain

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Hi, I underwent a laparoscopy on 15th April to remove adhesions and endometriosis from my ovary and bowel and endometriosis from my uterus after suffering constant pain for more than 4 years. My question is has anyone else who has had this treatment still been in pain 2 weeks post op. I should be returning to work on Friday after being signed of for 2 weeks but am not sure whether I should as I have quite a physically demanding job as a physiotherapist assistant. I am getting on with daily activities and have been swimming, but still feel twinges and a dull constant pain. Anybody's experiences that may help would be great. Thanks. 

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I wouldn't have even contemplated housework or swimming after only 2 weeks let alone go back to work.  I didn't have endo removed from my bowel and he left my adhesions alone but I did have quite a bit done, was under for 3 hours x

If you need more time off work, I would suggest you take it, it could make you feel worse if you go back to early, your body has been through a lot and needs time to recover, take it easy and rest, xx

I had my lap on 16th April and I am still in pain.  I've had really bad cramps the past few days, my period was due on Sunday but has still not arrived yet.  I still feel really tired all the time as well and really emotional, I keep bursting into tears all the time.  I agree with Tboag, if you don't feel ready to go back to work then don't.  I am due back in on Tuesday and am going to see if I improve any over the weekend. 

I am only 1 week on from having endo removed from bowel and ovary still in massive pain can't yet walk further than about 50m and have been really trying to do stuff . sorry I know this wasn't what you asked but I'm in so much pain bowel and bladder still was wondering how you felt 1 week on from lap. Any advice would be great especially food wise finding everything uncomfortable . ? Hope your pain lifts soon I was told 2 months for bowel to heal fully .

Hi, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I haven't really had much trouble eating but have found I am getting very painful wind low down in my pelvis. I have cut out caffeine and most dairy products and this seems to help. I am drinking lots of fruit tea and also 2 glasses of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning as this helps get the digestive system going I've found this really helps. I did find walking very painful for the first week and really suffered if I over did it, and still do. It's really hard for us to listen to what our body's are telling us when there is so much we need and want to do! Really hope you feel better soon. X

I don't have much caffeine but yep maybe need to cut it out plus the dairy had to go on a low residue diet before op I'm vegetarian and Don't eat  gluten so had loads of dairy as there was nothing else I could eat really but I will cut it out and stop my magnum cravings. 😂

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