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was just wondering if anyone has been told after their first lap that their uterus is stuck to their bowel. They didn't fix mine as it was only first lap and emergency so I imagine their wasn't a bowel surgeon present. I think there will be when I have further surgery. I was just wondering if anybody has had this rectified by surgery, did it result in having some bowel removed or? Have some of you just left it and conceived naturally or with ivf? I don't know if you can if it's stuck down? I would just like to know what I might have ahead and get all my crying and shock out of the way with now!


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  • Hi there, yes I found out that my endo was stuck to my bowel and bladder so know how shocking this can be to find out. My surgeon was very shocked to find this given my relatively low pain.

    Since my lap I've been to see a specialist in fertility & endo and he gave me 3 options

    1) major surgery to remove all the endo but given the risks of this, my low pain and that it's more likely than not, we've decided not to

    2) straight to IVF (Should probably say at this point that my left tube is badly damaged my endo - I have a hydrosalpinx). But he didn't recommend this as my tube may be leaking into my womb which would affect ivf success

    3) another lap to remove my tube and then IVF. And this is the option we are going for.

    PM me if you want any more advice. I've been through the crying and shock and I'm out the other side. More than happy to help in anyway I can. X

  • * more likely than not to grow back!

  • Please let me know how your ivf journey goes. X

  • Will do. My lap to remove my tube is happening on 18 Dec and then will prob start ivf in the Spring!

  • Wishing you all the best for a very speedy recovery. X

  • Hi, I just had a lap were they removed endo from my bowel that was stuck to the uterus. I also had endo on my ovaries, tubes and basically everywhere. It all was removed. I was told there was a 1-5% chance of having to have some of the bowel removed but luckily it was not needed. After the op the surgeon recommended me to go straight to ivf, I had been trying to conceived for a year before the op. He also said that looking at the state of everything before the op there was not a chance of me to get pregnant. I guess the best thing will be to be refered to a fertility specialist so they can recommend the best options for your case. If your tubes and ovaries are ok you might have a chance of getting pregnant naturally x

  • Thanks everyone. My left tube is damaged and really inflamed, it's more than twice the size of the other. My left ovary is all stuck down. My right tube is fine, but my consultant who was sent up to see me as I was so upset, told me I would probably lose my right ovary when he operates again after the 6 months of zoladex injections. I'm frightened they are going to affect me in some awful way, I'm devastated at the mess of my body. I'm hopefully going home tomorrow but my stomach is still so sore and frightened of everything! I'm terrified of another op that will leave me this traumatised and in so much pain. Is there people I can speak to about the grief I have for my family ill never have like everyone else if at all? And the never ending tears! Can't talk to my family, they don't understand, end up having to support my mum who's upset. My friends have either already had their kids so don't care or don't want them. Everywhere seems to be a very lonely place to be. Can't wait to see my cat tomorrow though!

  • I believe Endometriosis UK run a helpline, it's not manned all the time but their website has opening hours. It's run by volunteers who have endo. Good luck, it will get better x

  • Mine was stuck to bladder I had lap year before general gyno where endo diagnosed but said not that bad - had with ablation which start of my problems ot was not till over a year later seeing endo expert and had Hyst and endo excis that he saw extent and nothing said so had to have adominal surgery.

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time!

    Mine was stuck to my bladder & bowels, all around womb, tubes & ovaries, left ovary stuck to pelvic floor & contained large chocolate cyst. I had lazer to reduce the cyst & they got most of the endo from all around & put a solution into my pelvis to try to stop my ovary sticking. This was a few years ago & after the surgery I went on to get pregnant naturally within 6 months of trying. I am not telling you this to brag, but I want you to know that there is some hope. I did have both of my ovaries which I know helped, but I do have a friend who had to have an ovary removed due to a burst cysts & she went on to get pregnant with only 1. I also have family and friends who didn't have any conditions such as endo, but couldn't conceive naturally or even at all, one of which went on to adopt 3 beautiful children, who I could never imagine them being any one else's. I know that this probably isn't any comfort to you when you want to have children more than anything, I just want to let you know that you are not alone!

    Mine is now back worse than before. When ever I need to go to the toilet, I am in agony, doubled over, no matter what time of the month. I am due to have a full hysterectomy. I know how blessed to have even one child, so I don't mind loosing the chance of any more.

    I know this must be a very difficult time for you & its easy for me to say from the other side of things, but there is still hope, so please hold onto that. Utilise any support that you can find. Its bad for you not knowing what the outcome will be & having just undergone surgery & now found this out has also shocked you. Its difficult living with endo, especially when friends & family don't understand & you don't know anyone else that has it.

    Sending you hugs to help you through!

  • Hi, I am in the same stage as you,

    my rectum and bowel are stuck to my uterus and one tube is destroyed. I have been left with little information about what comes next. I did join a support group through the endometriosis uk charity which has given me alot more info.

    it depends on to what degree your endo has effected your bowel as to what surgery you need,

    fir example just the endo oj the surface, or penetrating into the bowel.

    I dont know as yet how deeply I am effected.

    U may need a little clean up before ivf, have u been referred to another specialist?xx

  • No, still under same specialist who is an endo specialist. Going back in Feb for a follow up. Have my last zoladex injection at the end up Jan. Going to see my doc on Christmas eve to ask about getting my blood tests for fertility and stuff. Had some advice to say get those done and if okay, to possibly go for ivf as I don't have much pain on my endo even tho its severe. It doesn't affect my bowels and not penetrating my bowel as far as I am aware. I was just told it's stuck to the back of my left ovary or my ovary is stuck to it, one or the other.

    still recovering from the op. It's been a very slow and painful process, which is why I want to get all the facts regarding my fertility, possible ivf hopes and whether further surgery would make me worse or better.

    After the trauma I suffered after the cyst removal, not sure I could cope again so soon.

  • Mine is stuck, they freed some and left other bits. Its a risk vs pain thing I think. Good luck with it all :)

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