Bowel stuck to uterus

Hi just wondering is anyone else in the same situation as me or has been before and could tell me what they had done. My bowel is stuck to my uterus because there is so many adhesions from my endometriosis. I am on second 3 month Decapeptyl injection bit gyni told me on last meeting that removing the adhesions or any kind of operation would involve a bowel surgeon as the risk of damage to the bowel is so high. I would be so grateful to hear from anyone who has been in the same situation. Thank u.

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My bowel too was stuck to my uterus and well as everything else. I had a laparotomy (open surgery) last April to unstick everything and there was a specialised bowel surgeon present during the op. It's reassuring knowing that they have the right people there to do the right job but at the same time very daunting.

Thanks for the reply. How are u since the open surgery? How is ur endometriosis controlled now?

Sadly that op was done by a gynae surgeon that did not specialise in endo so left quiet a lot untreated. After 4 months post op I was still in agonising pain so was referred to a different hospital who had an endo specialist. I had further key hole surgery in November. There was endo on my bowel but hadn't reattached to my uterus. It was just my ovaries stuck down again. I was offered a hysterectomy to be done in the next 3 months because of the extent of it and also because I have high suspicion of adenomyosis. I am only 29 blessed with a child, but unsure what to do.

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster ride but this forum, reading other peoples experiences helps me feel normal.

It's not nice. I have started taking pepermint capsules to help ease bowel movement but must say since they separated my bowel I have been very gasey and yet to find a remedy. Hope everything goes well for you x

I am 25 and in same situation. All my insides have turned into one solid mass, including my bowel. Where there are meant to be spaces there are not due to the large amount of scar tissue. Had my laparoscopy in Dec 2014, in which they couldnt see anything either due to mass amounts of endo and scar tissue. Waiting for 3 procedures, sigmoidoscopy, internal ultrasound and eventually major surgery to separate my organs once they know where they all are! Luckily the 2 surgeons (bowel and gynae) I am seeing are specialist in their fields..., and also pioneering keyhole surgeons so i wont need to be fully opened up unless it all goes a bit wrong. However to get these surgeons I had to accept the appointments wouldnt be in my local hospital, and have to travel 45 mins on train just for a consult!

For a bit of info I have severe stage 4 endo, which has penetrated bowel wall.

I have recently had a hysterectomy carried by a endo specialist with endo excision. I previously had lap and ablation which made things worse and was general gyno and just told me I had old deposits it kicked everything off. When speci did op thinking keyhole by bowel was not stuck but bladder with endo to uterus why did he not see this and ignore my plese before being referred to specialist I had lot of complications with return to theatre but ended up having adominal due to risk but no damage. I was reopened and alos had keyhole and laparotomy - it is possible but would be open surgery and you would need a excision specialist to hopefully get relief xx

Thanks for her replies ladies. I am consoled that I am not the only one in this situation. I am seeing gyni at the end of this month, she is Endo specialist so in the best hands please god. I have had laporoscopy already already as they originally(general gyni) thought I had cysts that they could remove then discovered all the gunpowder adhesions and uterus fused to bowel, seems like a right mess in there. Hopefully the Decapeptyl will have stopped the Endo for a while but I am very curious to know what gyni plans from here. Hope all ye ladies are doing well.xxxxx

Hi, I was in the same situation and had a laparoscopy in November to separate them and excise endo. The operation was a success and they managed to separate them and remove most of the endo without any complications. It was done in a specialist centre with 2 surgeons. So far I have been pain free, even just a few days after the surgery I could feel the difference. I was in pain every day before surgery. I happy I went through it and while there are risks , I don't think they are as bad as your gynae is leading you to believe. My surgeon said risk of colostomy bag was between 1-5%. So while it is important you know the risks, don't let them put you off. X

I had my operation on Feb 18th this year with a Endo specialist who only does excision, he specialises in that field. I found out i had Endo on alot of organs and that my uterus was attached to my bowel, he was able to seperate this and excise the endo as fortunately the Endo had not penetrated the bowel. He had recommended two operations if the Endo had penetrated so i would be more prepared. My MRI only showed up the deep penetrating Endo that i had elsewhere so he wasn't expecting it to be anyway.

I can tell you for first time i feel amazing, my ibs symptoms have all gone with only the occasional painful bowel movement but its a different pain so most likely due to everything healing inside.

Life was miserable before as dramatic as that sounds its true, i would sometimes not be able to leave the house due to needing to stay close to a toilet!

This is my first excision surgery as my previous was the good old burn it off rubbish! I already have more energy, sleep better, feel so much better its weird like a fog has lifted. I'm realistic i know i may need another surgery down the road but hopefully will be years away and minimal in comparison or maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones. Sorry to jump in post but hopefully this will give you hope.

Thanks loubear, that gives me hope. You got a new lease of life which is fab. Hope my gyni is as efficient as yours.xxxx


My insides were a mess, everything was stuck together causing me agony. I had keyhole surgery done in November last year to remove Endo which was sitting on top of my bladder and had penetrated deep inside my bladder, the surgeon also removed adhiesions everywhere including my bowels, a bowel specialist was at hand which I was greatful for as he was needed to stitch up my bowel. I'm now almost pain free, I don't have the same intense pains like before but I still have some pains in the same place, I guess I'm still healing from my operation.

Good luck with everything, I'm hear for you if you need to chat.


Thank u sweetyassi, that is a brilliant result. I thought I was alonw, thank god I'm not. Thanks for replying.xxxx

Your welcome, never think you're on your own us women who have Endo we stick together and help each other😀


Please have a look at my posts on endometriosis including how to access a specialist (just click my username). I hope they might help. x

I had lap last year to excise endo and separate ovaries, uterus, cervix, bladder and bowel. Had a mass on bowel which I had lap for 3 wks ago. I had bowel resection and no bag. I had mass a mass size of orange narrowing my bowel and had about 30 cms bowel removed. All went well I had an amazing bowel surgeon and endo specialist.

I had a vast amount of endo adhesions unstuck from bowel/ uterus / abdominal wall couple of years ago this surgery was done by endo/ gaeni surgeon not a bowel surgeon I was left with bowel endo lesions as a bowel surgeon was needed for this .

Good luck with everything


Me too, I went into surgery to have some cysts removed from my ovaries however they couldnt remove them due to my bowel being fused to my uterus and ovaries. I have been told that a hysterectomy is now my only option and they will need a gastro specialist in to assist with the surgery. Going back to the hospital in November following a 6 month course of Zolodex :(

Jo x

I too have this condition but there is so much scar tissue that they cannot preform a laparotomy or laparoscopy, both was tried but failed, I also suffer with re occurring pelvic abcesses, I worry they won't be able to get to it should I have another one form .

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